STYLE QUIZ 10 Questions How Stylish Are YOU

Can You Pass This Style Quiz How stylish are you? Gentlemen, in today’s post we’re going to find out.

I’ve got ten questions to test your style knowledge. Quiz question number one. What’s more important, for a man to master style or for a man to master fashion? Do you know the difference? Which one? The answer is style. Why? Style is eternal; fashion fades goes in and out the whimsical winds of fashion. I have nothing against going fashion having fun with it, but fashion is to me a byproduct of true style. Style is who you are, it’s what message you send with your clothing. It’s something that you’ve taken a step back, you’ve thought about, you’ve practiced, you’ve developed, you have basically curated this over time and it is the message – controlled message that you send the world. Guys, master your style, then have fun with fashion. Quiz question number two, gentlemen. What’s more important clothing fit or clothing brand? Which one? Clothing fit, gentlemen, because if it doesn’t fit you, it doesn’t matter who made it, what material they used, how much money you spent on that. It doesn’t matter it will not look good on you. Make sure to have your clothing adjusted for your body type.

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You should know the name of your tailor. Clothing fit. Fit is king. I’ve talked about it before, guys, nail the fit. Now, this takes me to question number three. Does clothing brand actually matter? Yes or no? What do you think? The answer is yes. Why? Because when you find a clothing brand that works for you, let’s say maybe their body, you know, the models that they’re using are very similar to your body type, so you can go in there and you can buy clothing off the rack, you don’t have to get it adjusted or if you do, it’s a minor adjustment. That right there is a huge win and in my opinion is worth paying extra money for and being loyal to a brand. When you find a brand whose styles you like, whose colors you like when you wear certain pieces from that brand, they just seemed to work together; shirts, jackets, you can go in there and be inspired by what you see in their catalog or what you see in the store. That is when a brand I think really earns your business and you should stick with them. Bonus round. Are you ready guys? Okay.

So, hopefully you’re keeping score and you might have already missed one of the questions, so I want to give you a chance to redeem yourself. Are you ready? Here’s the question. Do you need to spend $1,000 on a watch to be stylish? Yes or no? What do you think? The answer is no. Money doesn’t have anything to do with style, style has to do with the thought process with the care that goes into you choosing what you wear and the message it sets. Now, let’s say you’re out there and you want to get a great watch at a fair price, guys, check out Vincero, they’re paid sponsor of today’s post. These are watch, guys that went out and they designed watches to get compliments that look amazing at a fraction of the cost. You want to wear a watch that, yeah, look like a thousand-dollar watch, then grab a Vincero. These things are just beautiful. Now, I’ve got, you know, as you can tell I’ve got their new Bellwhether on my wrist right now, I love – I mean for me it’s actually the strap. I love the strap and the look and the build of it, I – I mean I love the – the face. Go check out this Bellwhether collection, these straps by the way are interchangeable. Beautiful watches, I can’t say enough good things about this company.

I have actually had many of you guys reached out and say, Carl, I went over and I grab the Vincero watch, I cannot say enough great things. Thank you so much for recommending them. Now, guys, here in my office I’ve actually got quite a few watches, what I – let’s play a game. So, go over to their website, I want you to find there’s three Italian words that are on the back of their watches. Let me know what those words are with your favorite watch down in the comments and, if you match maybe one of the watches I have I will be sending it out your way guys, I’ve got quite a few, but they’ve got a wide range of different styles. Gents, in the description of this post I’ve got a discount code and I’ve got a link over to Vincero. Go use it, go check them out. Great company. I can’t say enough good things about them. Question number four, gentlemen. Which of these shoes is more formal, option number one, option number two, option number three? Which one is most formal? Option number three, gentlemen, because of the closed lacing system even though we’ve got a little bit of a contrast in the leather, it’s relatively a low contrast compared to the other two which these two are actually very close. What we have right here blucher, we have an open lacing system.

Notice how the leather from the back quarter is thrown on top of the upper right over here, so basically on the vamp what we see. It’s also got, you know, the detailed stitching right in here. All of this makes it definitely – and the color by the way makes it all of a sudden less formal. This one right here, a darker color. Now, the style the double monk is going to be traditionally a little bit less formal than this one, but the darker color raises it up. I would say these are pretty darn close, but I would actually say this – this one right her would be my number two choice. Question number five. Which sunglass style is going to be better for the majority of face shapes out there? Classic aviators, classic wayfarers? Which one do you think? The answer, gentlemen, the classic aviator and the reason comes from the function of these glasses. The teardrop design, this was actually made to mimic the face to provide better protection when pilots were at high altitudes from glare and from harmful rays of the sun and an after effect of that is it actually just looks great on a wide range on pretty much any face shape, you can wear aviators. Wayfarers on the other hand, they’re much more I would say attention grabbing, they require more confidence. They were made popular in Hollywood, you look at the Blues Brothers, Tom Cruise, these guys made them popular, but the aviator is where it’s at. Question number six.

Is there a distinct difference between a dress shirt and a casual button down? It’s a little bit harder of a question, give you a second. The answer is, yes, there is. So, dress shirts actually have their history from underwear, casual button downs are made to be worn as outer wear, have the history from the work shirt. Why this question was difficult is nowadays there were so many shades of, okay, this shirt right here made with oxford material looks like a dress shirt, doesn’t even have a pocket on it, but this is actually a casual button down because of the material used. This one right over here, it’s like, well, it’s kind of a louder material, you would think that this may be casual button down, but right here we’ve got French cuffs. So, this actually is over here towards I’ve got this, you know, this is very clearly a dress shirt right over here, white, no pockets on it and it’s made to be worn with a tie. But, it’s going to be dress shirts, remember, they came from underwear they were made to be worn with jackets, under the jackets because hence they were underwear. This right over here, you’re going to see a variety of different fabrics used from, you know, one that’s got like napped weave to one over here that’s got corduroy. At the end of the day, there is a distinct difference, but most manufacturers have actually kind of blurred the lines. This next question has six possible answers. Are you ready? Which razor type is going to give you the best shave? Option number one straight razor, option number two – safety razor, option number three – cartridge razor, option number four – disposable razor, option number five – electric razor, option number six – Carl, it’s a trick question, I don’t have enough information. What do you think? Six is the right answer because if you are driving to work and you’re stuck in traffic and you’re moving up and you need to be shaving while you’re on the way, are you going to be shaving on the way to work with this? And I agree, this can give you an amazing shave, but I’m going to recommend keeping an electric razor in your vehicle or let’s say you’re just getting started or you go super fast and you don’t even want think about shaving.

Well, I think that disposables I think that cartridges are great when you don’t want to think about shaving, you just want to get the job done versus a safety, this is more about the art of shaving. Yes, you can get an excellent shave here, but you have to think about it, you need to develop your technique. The answer is it depends on you, how do you want to shave and that’s what I do stress, guys is that you learn proper technique. You figure out exactly what you want, give them all a shot and find what’s going to work for your particular needs. Onto the next question, is there a distinct difference between a sports jacket, between a blazer jacket, and between a suit jacket? Got the options right here. Is there a distinct difference, gentlemen? Yes or no? The answer is yes and it goes back to history. So, a suit jacket is actually in the definition of a suit is a jacket and a pair of trousers made from the same fabric. It’s not, you know, a particular color, it’s not necessarily protect – particular style, but a suit is that those two come together. Now, that’s a big difference between a blazer jacket and basically a sports jacket. The difference is these are odd jackets, that means that they don’t have trousers made to go with them. Now, you can have a jacket and a pair of trousers made from this material, in fact, if we had a pair of trousers made from the same material, this would actually have become a suit versus just a sports jacket. Do you see the difference? Now, the name sports jacket, this comes as it’s implied from sports, so if you were playing tennis in the 1920’s, you’re going out hunting in 1895, you would have worn a jacket like this.

That’s what these were designed for for the gentlemen to go out there and enjoy sport. Now, the blazer a lot of us know this has actually a nautical history. This jacket right here is truly not a blazer it’s actually a suit, but I had it stand in because blazers oftentimes we’re going to see in a dark navy, but it’s usually going to be the buttons, we’ll see metal buttons on them. At the end of the day, there is a distinct difference. And I’ll link down in the description of this post to the article that goes into a lot more detail, if you want to check that stuff out. All right, guys, while we’re talking about jackets and suits, this takes me to my next question. If you were to give advice to a gentlemen, he’s going to own one suit, he’s saying, what color should I buy? What advice would you give him? Option number one – black, option number two – charcoal gray, option number three – navy, or would you say option number four which is, Carl, I don’t have enough information about the guy to make that decision. What do you think? The answer is option number four. So, hopefully you picked up on it, but I’ve talked about it before the importance of color and the individual from their complexion to all of those colors I talked about are dark, but black is the one I would say be careful of. It is too dark of a color, to stark of a contrast, and it should be reserved for black tie. Now, navy is very popular in the United States and if it’s an older man, navy can look really good on it because it’s going to make him look a little bit younger. Charcoal gray though is incredibly versatile, it’s a non-color it’s going to work with a wide range of shirts and if you’re twenty one years old and you look like you’re seventeen, it’s going to help make you look a little bit older.

So, once you know a little bit more about them, I would either gear, guys, towards charcoal gray or navy depending on their complexion, their look, what they’re going for, but those will be my two choices if I knew enough information, but with what I gave you, option number four was the right answer. All right, guys, our final question. Are you ready? This one is hard. Should everything you’re wearing match? Yes or no? Should your clothing always match? The answer is no. I’ve talked about this before, what you’re seeking is for your clothing to complement each other and to compliment you not to match exactly. I know we talk about rules of matching your belt to your shoes, matching metals and that’s great, but in the real world, that rarely happens. You need to master complementing and I love complementing because complementing is when things just – there’s a harmony to them, there’s little like when you look at my pocket square here with the jacket, with the shirt, with the watch, all of these details they’re – there’s not an exact match because they’re not made from the same company. And, what I love about when I put all these together is it just works, it feels great. This is a little bit higher level of a concept and something that you have to practice you have to strive for, but gentlemen strive for complementing and your clothing working in harmony. All right, gentlemen, hopefully you enjoy this post, I had fun with it. Let me know down in the comments if you want to see more posts like this where I give little quizzes because there were so many other questions I wanted to ask you guys given the answers for, but I couldn’t fit them into one post. And, guys go check out Vincero.

I’m going to link to them down in the description. Don’t forget, go check out the watches, find out what is written on the back of these watches three Italian words. Let me know which particular design you really like and like I said guys I’ve got a few extras and I love to send them your way, not this one right here. I am loving this metal band. It’s interchangeable, so I can wear it with this other watch here and, yeah, these things are beautiful. Guys, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post. Bye.

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