WHAT’S THE BEST FASHION MOMENT YOU’VE EVER SEEN? Angelina Jolie sticking her leg out [at the 2012 Oscars]. It was beyond. She did it for everyone. I do not know if she was instructed to do it or if she knew what she was doing. It was not normal, the way she was doing it, but it worked. It caused so much talk. We were like, Why is she sticking her leg out?She posed in three spots, and when she posed in the third spot, she really put her leg out. The farther she stuck her leg out, the more sales there were for that photo.

HOW IMPORTANT IS THE POSE? It’s just like a fashion shoot. Every dress looks better from a certain angle. We are always yelling out, even how to place the train when someone comes with a huge gown. It’s a completely different dress if you put the train to the side or you put it to the back. We’re screaming to put that train behind so it does not look like the letter L. We cannot crop dresses.

CAN YOU GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE OF SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T NOTICE ON THE RED CARPET THAT JUMPED OUT AT YOU LATER? Emily Blunt wore these fabulous earrings to the Golden Globes, and we weren’t even thinking about it. Then, when we looked at the photos, we said, This makes the photo. Look at these earrings!

SPEAKING OF JEWELLERY AND GEMS, THE SPARKLE OF FINE JEWELLERY IS VERY HARD TO CAPTURE. IS IT A LOT MORE GLITTERY IN PERSON THAN IT IS IN A PHOTOGRAPH? Absolutely. A lot of people think we are just shooting the dresses. We’re doing close-ups of everything the shoes, thejewellery, every accessory. I have two cameras: one flash, one non-flash. I will always shoot my accessories with non-flash becausejewellery looks best in available, natural light.
WHAT ABOUT SHOES? I love shoes! Shoes are the most difficult to photo-graph because they are always underneath the dress. It’s hard to scream at a celebrity to stick out their shoes and not have it look awkward.

HAVE YOU EVER HAD TO HELP ANYBODY WITH WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS? All the time. I’m doing it every other second.
WHAT SORT OF THINGS CAN GO WRONG? They might be stepping on the dress and they do not even realize it. I’myelling Kick!so it flows. They’re going to walk down to another photographer and the dress is going to look fine. For me, I’m competing against so many photographers, so it has to look perfect. It’s so stressful.

WHAT ELSE CAN RUIN A PHOTO? The basics have to happen: no slouching. So many times I have to tell them, Straight-enyour back!There are A-list celebrities who do not even know how to pose. You know who the master is? Nicole Kidman. She was at Sundance and was wearing these pants. She knew what to do. She put her hands in her pockets it was the perfect pose.


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