Want More? Here Are Some Extra Things You Can Do Right Now

The Greatest Wealth is Health.

Cut the Caffeine

There have been mixed results in studies as to whether coffee is beneficial or harmful, but everyone can agree that coffee leaves you wanting more. Although not many people know, in psychology coffee is considered a stimulant drug. This means psychologists have found that coffee has addictive properties, and withdrawal effects on the body. Withdrawal symptoms include mind fog, irritability, mood swings, low energy, low quality sleep, weight gain, and more.

To start your detox on the right foot, make sure you trade your cup of joe for the healthier alternative: green tea. Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, which makes the jitters, and the crash afterwards, nonexistent, while still giving you a steady amount of energy, and alertness. Green tea also brings about tons of other benefits such as increased energy levels, less constipation, decreased heart risk, and even better appearance on the outside. Yay!

Avoid at all Costs

Here is a list of foods you should avoid at all costs, and if you have some of these in your pantry or fridge, throw them out! If you find it hard to do this, treat this food like expired food. It’s gone bad, and it needs to go!

Food Health Effects Substitutes Extra Tip Candy Insulin resistance, low greens These types ofcalcium in bones, lentils cravings pop upobesity, depression, heart disease, chronic inflammation, cancer, etc. almonds when we haven ’t eaten lunch, or protein.

Corn Starch (Sodas, most processed foods) Insulin resistance, low calcium in bones, obesity, depression, heart disease, inflammation, etc. greens lentils sweet potato These types of cravings pop up when we haven ’t eaten lunch, or protein.

Condiments (chocolate, ketchup, barbeque sauce, salad dressing, teriyaki, etc.) Obesity, heart disease, mind fog, high blood pressure, etc. Homemade condiments with fresh ingredients, or ditch entirely. Cut your calories almost by half by excluding processed condiments.

Sweeteners (refined sugars, maple syrup, high – fructose corn syrup) Chronic inflammation, heart disease, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and possible death. Stevia -extract Small amount of Honey Do not purchase stevia plants as these can be dangerous. Make sure what you are buying / consuming is stevia extract.



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