Summer Hairstyle

Origin of hair shampoo:

Generally, hair shampoo is a thick, sticky liquid that is made by combining a surfactant (most often sodium lauryl sulfate) with a co-surfactant (typically Cocamidopropyl) with water.

Mode of action of hair shampoo:

hair shampoo cleans hair by removing sebum Sebum is an oily element that is secreted through the hair follicles. It is absorbable and protective. It prevents damage of the protein structure of hair. By preventing damage, it has to absorb dirt and scalp flakes. To strip these components hair shampoo plays a vital role.

Avoidable chemicals

It is very tempting to decide which hair shampoo to use, based simply on its provocative advertisement. People just buy right off the shelf if they feel emotionally drawn to do so by viewing a products advertisement on television or in a magazine.

However, not many people know that there are many cancers causing ingredients in these commercial hair care products. Many harmful toxic chemicals are hiding under a nice and good name. One should be careful in selecting a hair shampoo, because not only your hair but also all of your body and organs will be in danger by these harmful components.

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Summer Hairstyle

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