Super- Duper Asthma Coughing Relief

40 drops Peppermint (opens airways and aids the increase of other oils absorption)

50 drops Eucalyptus (opens airways and sinuses)

30 drops Lavender (calms and soothes)

30 drops Lemon (cuts down the congestion)

30 drops Lime (good for respiratory issues)

20 drops Rosemary (helps with congestion, breathing and coughing)

20 drops Cypress (helps with coughing and breathing)

15 drops Frankincense (helps with everything)


Combine in a15ml bottle and fill with fractionated coconut oil.

Super- Duper Asthma Coughing Relief Photo Gallery

When I was pregnant with my daughter I followed all of the rules, not eating sushi, soft cheeses, luncheon meats, or drinking coffee. For my son I followed most of the rules, but allowed myself a few cups of coffee a week. After all, for most of my pregnancy I had a preschooler to look after. In the hospital I stayed at there was a cafe the floor below the antenatal unit. I discovered it early in my stay, and got permission from my OB to take the elevator, walk the few feet to the cafe, and order a coffee. I would then take the coffee to my room, close the door, and read a book. For the 30 minutes it took me to drink the coffee and read my book, I felt normal. It was my zen moment. I did this three times a week, right after breakfast, before the unit got too busy with activity. Find your zen moment.

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