We didn’t evolve with a bottle of multivitamins in our hand and obviously a good diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains is always the first foundation of health, Culverhouse points out. But the reality is that people are not meeting the recommended dietary requirements, so supplements can certainly help fill that gap.

Both dietitians and naturopaths agree that there are certain health conditions and periods of life when.


Yes, it can be an inconvenience and challenging, but the time you can spend will mean the world to a mom who is confined to home or hospital-based bed rest. It will also strengthen your relationship, as she will know you truly care about her and her baby. There is lots to be done when baby arrives. Why not do some of this work from your hospital bed? Have you registered your baby for daycare? Now is a great time to research daycares in your community and start filling out the lengthy application forms. Do you have other children? Once again, take this time to register them in any extracurricular or summer activities or research ways for them to spend their summer months. I was able to find a half-day summer camp near my home for my daughter to attend after I was discharged from the hospital. This would give her a fun activity in the morning, as well as give me time alone with my son. Have you read about life with baby? Lots of times we read the pregnancy books but not the books about life with a baby. This is a great time to read books about sleeping, early development, and nutrition (for you and baby). By now you are well aware that pregnancy and bed rest is an emotional time for mothers.

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