AGE 53 FAMOUS FOR Fashion journalist known for hosting What Not To Wear alongside Trinny Woodall WHAT SHE SAYS “I will miss my phone terribly. And my tweezers! I get whiskers that come out of my chin! I’ve told Trinny and she said I was mad. But she’s very excited and has told me she thinks I’ll win.”

AGE 47 FAMOUS FOR Presenting Most Haunted WHAT SHE SAYS “I’m frightened and terrified of anything that moves. I went online and I got hypnotised. I found this site on YouTube where you could hypnotise yourself to be braver. And when I woke up, I did feel a little bit more confident about going in.”


My first night in antenatal, the woman in the room next to me gave birth at 28 weeks. The nurses closed my room door, but I could still hear all the commotion. It was a scary introduction, but the nurses reminded me that’s why we were in the hospital; so we could get immediate medical attention if needed. Partway through my stay, a group of moms were sitting in the lounge watching TV, when one mom got up to go to her room and did not return. She wasn’t feeling well, so she went to her room and called the nurse who immediately contacted the OB. She had heavy vaginal bleeding from her placenta previa, had gone into premature labor and needed an emergency c-section. Her son was born at 32 weeks and admitted to NICU, where she stayed at his bedside for many weeks, in a bit of a daze. Her sudden departure, mid-TV show, was a scary moment for all of us, making us realize anything could happen at a moment’s notice. It also made us appreciate the constant monitoring and support we were receiving. Had she been at home, the bleeding would have been a life-threatening event.


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