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Three South African women you admire? Trevyn McGowan from Southern Guild: for championing SA design and bringing it to the international market. Diane Victor: for her strength and artistry. Lucilla Booyzen: for her endless dedication to growing the fashion industry in SA.

Words to live by? Because we can. Best piece of advice given to you by a woman? From Tersia Heyns, my mother, who told me: You can do absolutely anything you want, as long as you can face the consequences.

What did your 21st mean to you? It was a symbol of adulthood, which for me was the beginning of my career, since it was the last year of my studies “ it was exhilarating and slightly frightening all at the same time. How has your life changed since then? I’m still the same independent woman, forging my path, which is still exhilarating and slightly frightening

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Suzaan Heyns Design

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