Swaddling your baby

Swaddling your baby

Swaddling – wrapping the baby tightly in a cloth or blanket – is an old custom still practised in some cultures. Although I do not recommend it after the first few weeks when it becomes important for your baby to have her hands free to explore, it can help to give a feeling of security and settle a restless baby, for instance one with colic (65).

Fold over the top 30 cm or so of a light wrapping blanket and place the baby in the middle with her shouluers inside the top edge. Take the one side of the blanket across her body and tuck it in under the opposite arm. Take the blanket at the bottom and fold it up over her feet. Tuck the last piece of blanket over the exposed arm and in around the back to make a neat parcel. foreskin back you can tear it and the scar tissue that forms may then hold it to the glans so that retraction becomes difficult or impossible.

All that is required when washing your baby is to pull the foreskin back very gently as far as it will go and wash underneath. Later on the child should be taught to do this himself as a regular part of his hygiene so that problems can be prevented.

See a doctor if a sore develops at the tip of the penis or if there is ballooning of the foreskin when the child urinates.

Cord You can bath your baby before the cord has fallen off, but dry the area thoroughly. If the navel area is a little damp, clean it with cotton wool dipped in surgical spirit. Any smelly discharge or redness must be reported to your doctor or clinic as soon as possible.

If there is any dry blood at the base of the cord, do not dislodge it as this can make it bleed again. Apply one or two drops of friars balsam to the spot and keep it uncovered. It is not necessary to bind the cord at all.

Nose Do not push a cotton bud up your babys nostril because you can easily damage the delicate tissue. Use it to clean mucus at the opening only. If your babys nose is blocked, take axlean piece of cotton wool and roll and twist it into a cone so that you can reach into the nostril. Dampen it with water before using.

Swaddling your baby

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