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Different Places & Ways to Kiss Just below the ear where you can feel where the jaw Kiss the ear. Trace the ear slowly with your tongue bone meets the neck. and finish off by nibbling the ear lobe. Tip: Most people will like this, but ticklish peo- Tip: A little bit of heavy breathing or soft blowing can ple won’t. If they pull away the first time, do not try get people excited. again. Trace their lips with your tongue. Do it slowly and Kiss your partner along the collar bone. Mix baby very softly so they can just feel it. It will make them kisses with a soft rubbing motion of the lips on their want more. skin. Tip: Don’t be too slobbery, as it may turn from sexy Tip: Remember you are kissing on a bone, so do not to uncomfortable. be too rough.

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Kiss anywhere on the neck, either soft butterfly kisses.

Tip: The neck is a very sensitive area, so the smallest touch can cause quite a sensation.

Or kiss just like you learned in First Kiss: start off kissing slowly with slightly open mouth, moving on to more vigorous exciting kisses.

Have something soft in your mouth like a strawberry, grape, marshmallow. They eat it with you, then when it is gone, you end up having a tasty kiss.

Tip: Avoid foods you may end up choking on.

Suck on a piece of ice then kiss your partner. The cold sensation can be quite a thrill.

Tip: If you keep the ice in mouth while kissing, keep it small. It could be a hazard or get in the way.

Tease your partner. Go in for a kiss but instead just Little kisses planted all over your partner’s face will brush your lips against theirs. Continue brushing your add a little bit of variation. lips for a while, then finish off with a kiss.

Tip: Don’t do it for too long; they may get bored.

Tip: This will drive them crazy. Your lips are there but they can’t have them. This will leave them wanting much more.

Start kissing your partner’s neck and continue till you are right around the back. Start at the top and slowly kiss down the spine. They can’t see what it is you are doing, so there is an element of surprise, kind of like when you get a massage.

Tip: Don’t go too far down if it is inappropriate.

Be mysterious. Go in for a kiss, but just before you give it to your partner pull away. Do this another 2-3 times, then go in for a big kiss. They will be wanting it more than ever.

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