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Rich velvety vocals, sassy lyrics and strong sounds. A superb release from a true talent

The worduniqueis bandied about far too often in music journalism, but for rootsy, American singer-songwriter Austin Lucas it is really the only one that will do. At the heart of his music is a classic country voice, all lonesome ache and yearning, accompanied by steel and twang. But he drags it through the dirt, scuffs it about, jumps up and down on it and uses it to wipe down his car’s engine – and the results are unlike anything else. It’s the difference between a pristine leather jacket and one that’s seen a decade or three. Both have their merits, but the lived-in one is always better.

And so it is here. Austin has lived a life and those experiences bleed through tracks like Unbroken Hearts,

Kristie Rae (a character who appears in several places on the album) and Wrong Side Of The Dream. But all darkness needs light to offset it, and songs like Ain’t We Free (‘ain’t we terrible and young’) and Call The Doctor (despite its deathly theme), complete with great tunes and choruses, stop the album (and the listener) from ever sinking too low.

Perhaps the most apt comparison is to say that this is the sort of music that George Jones would be making if he’d been born half a century later. Higher praise there is none.

Tasha Taylor

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