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Just when you thought the tone tweakers at TC Electronic couldn’t come up with anything else, they do it again. First off let’s check out their two new pedals that both draw from TC’s popular 6000 system. TheHyper GravityCompressor offers you three compression configurations in one box and the ability to download free Toneprint sounds to find what’s right for your playing needs.

Controls are straightforward with Sustain, Attack,

Blend, Level and a three way mini toggle for choosing Spectra (very transparent), Toneprint or Vintage.

Hyper Gravity is perfect for chicken pickers that want to bring out more definition and pop to their higher strings.

The only downside to owning a high wattage/vintage amp lots of cool pedals and guitars with single coil pickups is that they also create unwanted noise when you aren’t playing them – thus the need for

theSentryNoise Gate. Older model noise gates tended to cut off your notes instead of letting them gradually decay at the end of a solo or strum. The Sentry allows you to edit what frequencies you want to gate through their free editing software to fit your needs and you use the return and send features to only gate specificproblempedals that are causing you

noise. It also features Gate, Toneprint and Hiss selections.

TC Electronic has also become very popular with bass players thanks to cabs like their new RS115. It’s a stackable I x 15 bass cab that handles 8ohms and 400 watts with four ports in the back and easy carriage with two side handles. The RS115 is great for placing at the bottom of your bass rig and loading another cab on top to handle your high frequencies.


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