Tea Remedy For Cough

1 drop lemon essential oil 1 drop clove essential oil 1-2 drops honey 80z water (boiling)

Extra virgin coconut oil carrier (1 tablespoon, optional)


1. Add oils and honey to boiling water. Blend at high speed for 60 seconds.

2. Put a towel over your head, lean over the steaming cup to enjoy the therapeutic steam.

Pet Odor Control Blend

10 drops Lavender

6 drops Lemon

10 drops Geranium Instructions

1. Fill a 1-oz spray bottle with water and then pour the essential oils into it.

2. Shake well and spray directly on dog.

3. Hold the bottle at least 10 inches away from him and do not spray on head and eyes.

Tea Remedy For Cough Photo Gallery

She was clearly terrified at the idea, and was shaking when I saw her in the hallway. Having had one c-section and scheduled for a second, I went to her room and told her about my experience. Her OB had explained the medical side, but I was able to give her the mom’s perspective. I walked her through my experience, from getting gowned up and prepared in my room to being taken into the operating room without my husband, to the having the spinal block (pain medication inserted into the spinal fluid for c-sections to freeze the lower half of the body) and then the actual procedure as well as recovery. My detailed explanation of what I went through, as well as my emotions, helped calm her. It didn’t take away her fears, but it helped her have a better understanding of what was to come. After a few minutes of talking she stopped shaking, and gave me a big hug. I was glad my experience was able to help another mom. You also need to find normal moments, a few minutes a day where you do something from your normal, non-hospital life. For me, it was drinking coffee.

Tea Remedy For Cough

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