Heavy weights are wrongly associated with greater muscle growth; technique is more influential than net weight, Towersey says. Technique trumps load every time she says. When your toning technique is optimal, you will feel where the resistance is working. If you can’t feel your hamstrings, chances are you are not doing it right. Incorrect technique can result in compensatory behaviours that overdevelop some muscle groups and neglect others, to the detriment of both shape and safety. Incorrect technique can cause inadvertent muscle size, asymmetry and injury. Trial and error and making appropriate modifications is the best way to tighten technique. In women,

I see two major issues all the time. If they sit down all day, their hip flexors become very tight, which inhibits the gluteus from firing and prevents them from building a booty, Towersey says. The second is inability to switch the upper traps off and activate the lower traps when performing upper body exercises. This makes it hard to develop the mid back and promote development of bulk around the upper back, shoulder and neck area.

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