Temple fade haircut with designs

You made the booking at a tapas bar for Friday night just like you did last weekend. And on Saturday, you brought him coffee in bed when he stayed over. Then on Sunday, you phoned just to let him know you were thinking of him just before you fell asleep. And he didn’t exactly reciprocate. Um, hello? Just how many of you are in this relationship? Because if you are both in it with two feet, it definitely shouldn’t feel as if you are doing all the work. According to relationship coach Josphat Kalebe-Mwanza, if you are the one who is always reaching out and making plans, you probably have an inkling that, if you stopped doing these things, the relationship would be over. And it should be, he says. Because it is not fair to you to keep caring for someone when they’ve made it quite clear they do not care for you. Klipin agrees: A relationship requires input and effort from both sides.


Ever noticed how, whenever you see pics of Beyonce and Jay-Z, they look like such a solid unit? It’s clear that their relationship goes beyond their (understandable) attraction they are both on each other’s team. In contrast, says Kalebe-Mwanza, if a guys ignores you, it could be a sign he’s not interested in a longterm relationship. It could be subtle like responding to only a third of your WhatsApps or more overt, like being on the phone whenever he’s around you. Or, maybe, instead of supporting you, he looks for opportunities to argue, even over silly matters. More worrying still is the partner who refuses to discuss serious issues because you are not worth the fight anymore, says Kalebe-Mwanza. And if he does not share your victories such as a promotion at work or passing an important exam and commiserate with you when things go wrong, then he’s definitely

not on your side.

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Temple fade haircut with designs

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