The 4 Summer Hair Products I Can’t Survive the Season Without

1. Lush Queen Bee Hair Balm

Lush Queen Bee

Lush USA

Queen Bee by Lush 

This next trick is how to get a nice nail design easily. Just take the nail polish you want and draw whatever design you want on a sandwich bag, and then set it aside to let it dry. Once it’s dry, the 4 summer hair products i can’t survive the season without place it on your nail and push it really hard. The nail design will just peel off when you peel the sandwich bag off.

And then bam, heart nail design! If you have dark armpits I did. I saw a YouTube post two years ago on how to get rid of dark underarms from Choice, and I never tried the method ’cause I didn’t think it would work. Two weeks ago, I started using it and now my armpits are pretty much white.

2. Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Conditioner

Shea Moisture Conditioner

Shea Moisture

This Shea Butter and honey infused conditioner 

Take a potato. A potato yeah. You could cut in half, but I literally usually just go like this. Rub it on your armpit.

It’s OK. No one’s going to judge you if they can’t see you doing it. This next life hack is so ridiculous. But if you’re clumsy and get bruises all the time everywhere here’s a bruise right here.

3. DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel



This hair gel 

I don’t even know what happened. Somehow it’s somewhere that people would see and you don’t want to be there. Put some mouthwash on a cotton ball.

Yeah, I said mouthwash. This is my bruise. Where did it go? If your hair has refused to retain volume. This is my hair natural.

Notice how up here it is stuck to my head. You guys already know this ’cause of my prom life hacks post. But white powder can be used as dry shampoo. And dry shampoo usually makes my hair actually flatter for some reason.

Most people it’s the opposite. I’ll do it on this side. Just play around with it.

Legitimately nothing in the world gives me volume except for this. So I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you missed my previous two posts, the 4 summer hair products i can’t survive the season without
click those down below. And comment right over there if you’re not commented already.

I love you so much! Bye! .

4. Head and Shoulders Shampoo

Head and Shoulders Shampoo

Head and Shoulders


The 4 Summer Hair Products I Cant Survive the Season Without

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