The Best Black Hairstyles For Womens


When you blend highlights and red hair, the resulting color is fabulous. Now, do not go out and get ultra-light blonde highlights over your pretty red base color, because it will not be pretty. Have the colorist do red-on-red or golden-red highlights. This can be done either by weaving in the shades using foils or with the Balayage technique, in which the color is painted in with a brush.

Because red hair is a little more costly to keep looking good than other colors, you may just want to have partial highlights to start. Then, have a full head of highlights the next time if you’re ready for the next step!

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As I’ve said before, red shades fade more than any other color. Ofen, you will start to see a color change within just a few days after the process. Whether you have the service done in the best salon or you have purchased color in the drugstore, REDS FADE! “So just how can I stop the color from fading?” you ask. Well you can’t! But you can control it a bit more by following these simple steps.

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