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Common sense when you choose your afro hair diet

The human body needs dozens of different nutrients in small amounts and so a healthy diet is often one that offers some variety with each meal. Eat as many different healthy foods and snacks as you can.

Modern life can get hectic! When you are busy there is a temptation to change your routine, skip meals or fill your stomach with anything you can find during the day such as unhealthy sodas and quickly fried foods. Diet is the foundation of your health including the health of your hair.

Vitamins and mineral elements found in small amounts in the hair strand are less abundant but in many ways as important to the health of your hair as protein and water. These include selenium, sulphur, zinc, iron, magnesium, aluminum, calcium, and copper which help to build strong bonds within the hair structure and therefore strengthen the hair itself. Melanin which gives hair its color is another component. Although important for sealing the outside of the hair, fats are not found in any significant quantity inside the hair shaft; they are however very important for keeping the hair glossy, retaining moisture in the hair shaft and protecting the scalp. This long list of important nutrients is given in a list at the end of this post along with a list of foods that contain them. Try and build as many of these foods as you can into your diet. Remember, you do not need much of each.

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Learn about the foods that support healthy hair growth. Eat a variety of foods to cover all your hair needs.

Avoid any form of crash diet. Hair needs a regular supply of nutrients to stay healthy. Diets that are very low in calorie intake can stunt hair growth and leave the hair dull and brittle. If your calorie intake is completely insufficient for a period, you will effectively starve your hair (along with your body) and your hair may even fall out. You might have a strand of hair with segments that are strong and healthy corresponding to when you eat well and then portions that are brittle, and unhealthy corresponding to periods of time when you didn’t eat healthy and where breakage is more likely to occur. Eat healthy meals at regular intervals as this sends a regular supply of nutrients to the hair building follicles.

Watch your weight gain, not just your weight loss – excessive weight often leads to problems with your heart and blood circulation which may also result in poor hair growth if the blood has difficulty reaching the hair follicles with food, water, oxygen, and other vital nutrients – leaving your hair as unhealthy as someone who does not eat enough!

The Best Black Hairstyles

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