The Best Diet for Kapha

The best diet for Kapha is opposite to Kaphas heavy, slow nature. It contains large amounts of light, dry, hot foods with more pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes than sweet, sour, or salty ones. Kapha is naturally sweet enough. Much of the dietary advice for Kapha suits anyone trying to lose weight as well. A simple way Kapha types and those on weight-reducing programs can maintain their health is by following a Kapha-balancing diet. 1/2sit a qualified physician trained in Maharishi Ayured for other useful weight-loss suggestions. It may happen that your constitution is a combination of Kapha with Vata or Kapha with Pitta, or even a mixture of Kaphaittaata. In that case follow each suggested dosha-balancing diet during the proper season and a Kapha-balancing diet during the cold, wet, rainv weather of late winter and spring. Those with allapha natures should follow a Kapha-balancing diet all year.
Warm food and drinks
Tastespungent, bitter, astringent
Qualitieslight, dry, hot
Light meals
Appetizers, salads, soups
Rice cakes and crackers
Cold food and drinks
Rich desserts
Heavy meals, too much food
Tastessweet, sour, salty
Qualitiescold, heavy, oily
Snacking between meals
Tastes and Qualities Best for Kapha
Here are the best food tastes and qualities for Kapha body types. All six tastes and six qualities are served in every balanced meal, but Kapha should eat foods that have most of those that help to maintain Kapha in balance.
Pungent Astringent Bitter
Kaphas Special Needs
Kapha appreciates warm, light, easily and quickly digested foods that are on the dry side. People with Kapha characteristics have strong, well-knit bodies that need fewer body-building foods than either Vata or Pitta types. For the sake of healthy growth and balance, do not completely eliminate foods with heavier qualities that build strength, but eat moderately of them. Kapha types need to develop and maintain a strong body. Such items as breads, pasta, rice, beans, and rich main dishes and desserts simply need to make up a smaller proportion of any days menu. Since Kapha types tend to put on fat easily, reducing oily, fatty ingredients, for example, by substituting low-fat milk for whole milk or eating fried foods infrequendy, is important for maintaining Kaphas balance.
Light Hot Dry
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