The Best Men’s Ties You Need This Summer

For most men, their suit will never be complete without a tie. And take note, it is not enough to just have a tie. You need the right tie. Picking the wrong one, whether it is not matched with your shirt or looks out of place for the occasion you are attending, can easily throw off your whole outfit, especially in this scorching heat of the summer. With the plethora of tie options to choose from these days, shopping for one can be really intimidating.

Historically, ties were silk-based but thanks to the development of slimmer suit and the more casual unlined styles for the past few years, ties have already expanded to an extensive selection of fabrics, ranging from wool, cotton, cashmere and leather has even joined the group. These variations have further expanded when the designers play with the way the fibers are woven, either knitted to have a sweater-like texture or in twill fabric style.


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