The Best Wedding Gowns And Jumpsuits From Bridal Week Autumn 2019

The Best Wedding Gowns (And Jumpsuits) From Bridal Week Autumn 2019

OTT ball gowns, stil, Meghan Markle minimalism, and clean.

RACHEL: Uh, I can explain. Hey, guys! It’s Rachel, and I’ve compiled a list of weird clothing life hacks that I either learned from my friends, or learned because my life got to a point where I just desperately needed it and tried out a bunch of different things until one worked! Also, I’m currently having a giveaway where I give away either an iPhone 6S or a Mac Book Air.

And the only rule for this giveaway is that you must be commented, because I just want to give back to my commentrs. This giveaway ends on October 31st. So Halloween. Plus, you can get this post to 200,000 likes, and comment down below, which one of these are your favorite life hacks.

OK, let’s get on with the post. If you have a shirt that’s really wrinkled and you do not have time to iron it, all you gotta do is take a spray bottle and fill it with regular water, and then just spray it on your shirt, stretch it out, and then the wrinkle will literally be stretched out. And once it dries, there won’t be any wrinkles there anymore. An easy trick for if you have jeans that will not zip up, or anything that won’t zip up, pretty much if you get a stuck zipper, all you need to do is take your regular graphite pencil and just run the graphite tip on the zipper, and then it will zip right up.

Along the same subject of jeans, if you’re in the store and you do not feel like trying on jeans, the circumference of your waist is 2 times the circumference of your neck, so all you need to do is take a pair of jeans that you want to see if they fit, wrap it around your neck and if it just touches, then it fits. But if it goes past it, than it’s too big. And if it doesn’t quite touch, then it’s too small.

The Best Wedding Gowns And Jumpsuits From Bridal Week Autumn 2019 Photo Gallery

The Best Wedding Gowns And Jumpsuits From Bridal Week Autumn 2019

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