The Hundred Pilates Exercise

But you are also trying to lose weight, right or wrong?

Well, then those sentiments are unfortunately going to have to go out the window for the duration of your diet, I’m afraid. You see, whatever your conditioning was in the past, you are going to have to be very firm with yourself and break it with extreme prejudice! No more cleaning the plate with every meal, ok?

What this does is create a system where you stop feeling like you are doing something bad if you leave unwanted food on your plate. But unwanted it most certainly is, so unless you are adamant that you want to keep that spare tire of yours, then stop feeling guilty and start feeling empowered!

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Empowered means you make the decisions which affect your life. It’s you and only you who can decide to leave the excess on your plate when you are happy that you have eaten enough. That food you have left is excess calories that won’t be settling themselves on your belly, or backside, or wherever else the fat likes to accumulate around your body!

So do not fret about it. Just do it! You’ll be glad you did.

We all have our little habits and some of them are tougher to break than others. But they can be broken by making use of alternate actions that effectively break the cycle of the habit. In this chapter, we have discovered a really useful tip that you can use for stopping yourself snacking late at night when you are trying to lose weight.

Brush your teeth early. Don’t just wait until you are ready to go to bed! If you want to know why you should do that, read on…

The Hundred Pilates Exercise

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