The Importance of Exercise to Lose Weight

Exercise and Get Fit

I decided to make the first two chapters in the series comprise probably the two most important aspects of losing weight. With the previous post looking at the role a person’s diet plays in losing weight, this one takes a look at the role exercise plays in that process.

While your diet has to be both nutritious, wholesome and filling while simultaneously restricting your calorie intake on a daily bases, your body needs to burn those calories as efficiently as it can for weight loss to come about. Sure, you can lose weight by starving yourself. But what happens when you do that?

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Starving yourself causes your body to simply go into a physiological state often referred to as starvation mode. When this happens, all non-essential bodily functions are reduced or shut down and all nutrients and energy are directed to the parts that are essential to preserve life. These include automuscle responses like heartbeat, lung function, digestion and excretion, brain function etc.

When all your body’s reserves of fat are used up and you are not getting sufficient nutrition through what you eat, your body will use what it has to in order to stay alive. Muscle tissue is taken and as muscle mass begins to decline, your body weight will drop dramatically. This is NOT a desirable state to get into as this is a serious danger to your life. You could die from malnutrition!

There is a much better, safer and healthier way to lose weight and tone up your body so that you can fit into that smaller dress size.

That way is to combine a healthy diet with exercise. Daily light exercise is perfect to begin with and can comprise long walks in the fresh air, swimming or other light, enjoyable activity that gets you out of the house and moving around. As you gain fitness this way, you can move up to more strenuous exercises as your body becomes accustomed to working more than it used to.

The whole idea of exercise to lose weight is such an important factor in the process that it beggars belief that so many people who are trying to lose weight simply do not want to do any at all. That’s crazy because by omitting exercise from your weight loss plan, you are only doing half the job. You are simply not giving yourself the best chance of success, not just in the short term but in the long term too.

Exercise works to bring about a reduction on your weight and an improvement in your body shape, which is, after all the reason you are doing this! Here’s how it works:

When you exercise, you are forcing certain muscle groups in your body to work. When muscles work, they need a supply of energy which they get from sugars in your bloodstream. As the muscles work, they use up the supply of sugars in the blood, causing the body to replenish the supply of sugars from its store of fat. The longer you exercise for, the more your fat store will be reduced. This reduces your “fat weight” while providing the muscles with the energy they need to work.

The Importance of Exercise to Lose Weight

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