The latest makeup techniques

The latest makeup techniques

When the final draft for make-up is appropriate, you should prepare the make-up sketches that are followed to make up the make-up. If you have not done the drawing of the finished makeup up to now, you can paint it from the front and from the profiling layers, by following the dotted lines or painting them using watercolors or pencils (black or colored), watercolor brushes.

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When we use black pencil, it is possible to gently rub our fingers to grind some areas. We then carefully combine the high lights with a duster. Since the edges of the cleaved areas are stiff, these edges (which are soft in makeup) should be mixed with our fingers along the roots or areas adjacent to the gray areas.

The exact information on the makeup colors can be used in the specific techniques of the application, in hair styles and in triangular joints, with beards and mustaches, and can be added to the appropriate spaces in the section. Extendable sketches and diaphragms can be used when needed. After the last makeup has been applied, you should repeat the work sheets to complete the makeup if necessary, to provide the necessary information.

The latest makeup techniques

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