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I was halfway though my most recent pregnancy when we started making health changes. My doctor was thrilled with what I was doing and the positive effects it was having on my pregnancy. It’s critical that you discuss what’s best for you with your doctor. I do know whole foods free of chemicals and additives are going to be wonderful for you and the baby, and that stabilizing your blood sugars and insulin levels will help prevent gestational diabetes, which is something so many women deal with during pregnancy.

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Be sure that if you do lose weight you discuss the weight loss with your doctor; my OB felt that as long as the baby was measuring normal my weight loss was a good thing. Your OB might not want you to lose too much weight during the pregnancy, depending on where you were before conception. You can always eat more good carbs for extra energy, and there’s nothing wrong with eating any good, nutritious, whole foods while pregnant.

Running during pregnancy isn’t something I personally would want to do, but some women do it. Again, this is something you should talk to your doctor about. I didn’t start running until Ree was about two months old. By that time I didn’t feel like a total zombie, and I actually wanted to get out there and move. I did walk a lot when I was pregnant with her, and unless you have some issue or condition during your pregnancy I would think most doctors would be totally fine with the idea of you walking three or four times a week, even pretty far into your pregnancy.

Actually, the closer we got to my due date the more we walked. I’ve always had very long and complicated deliveries, and the only thing that was different with Ree was that my health and eating habits had changed drastically in comparison to my other pregnancies and deliveries. I believe being more physically fit at the end of my pregnancy made my delivery so much easier.

The awesome thing about pregnancy is that it will help you tune into your body in a way you might not when you aren’t pregnant. I’m so grateful that my pregnancy and baby Ree helped me finally understand what was going on with my blood sugar. I was able to make much-needed changes to my health my body was demanding these changes, and I finally had to listen. I’ve never in my life craved bacon and eggs like I did when I was pregnant: my body needed fat and protein for the baby, and those cravings were my body’s way of informing me.

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If you are pregnant, I suggest keeping a journal to write down what you’re experiencing this is important information that you might want to refer to in the future. Pregnancy is an illuminating time. I really wish I’d kept better records of my health during my first two pregnancies, as it would be great to compare the differences.

I recently watched a video about infants becoming obese; the doctors said they believe the health of the mother during pregnancy was the causal factor in the strange phenomenon. The baby’s glucose levels are being set in the womb and the baby will start demanding similar levels after delivery. The nutritionist in the video said the best way to prevent this decline in babies’ health is to advocate for prevention of obesity in the mother prior to her childbearing years.

As women go from being adolescents to teenagers and adults, it’s important they focus on their

health for the wellbeing of their future children. This struck me so hard: I have a 10 year old daughter, and I want to teach her to be healthy and strong now, while she’s young enough to make it a lifestyle. Me teaching her healthy living habits will not just affect her, but it will also affect my future grandchildren and their children.

The last thirty years of American culture has had drastic affects on us, and not necessarily for the better. Now is the time for us to start showing our kids a better way to eat, a better way to view their bodies. I’m not talking about size or numbers; I’m talking about positive nutrition and strength.

If you’re a mom, pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant, I urge you to take a look at the quick-start guide at the back of my blog, and talk about healthy eating with your doctor. The food we eat while pregnant has a massive, long-lasting impact on our children as they develop in utero and as they grow after birth. Motherhood is both an honor and a responsibility, one we have to take seriously. I know this might sound like a lot to think about, especially if this is your first child, but you will not get this time back. Being a mother is the greatest and most difficult job you’ll ever have; if you focus on your health first, your child will be better for it in the long run. Get healthy now, mama.

Make it a priority! Kids keep you on your toes, and sometimes bring you to your knees, so you’re going to need every healthy molecule and burst of energy you can find!

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