The Most Popular Haircuts for 2019

Rihanna is another one. I love how she switches her style up and takes risks and always manages to successfully pull off completely different looks flawlessly. She can do no wrong!

1. The hair is shampooed, conditioned and blown dry.

2. Comb-in temporary color is applied throughout.

3. The leave-out (real hair) is twist-set, while the rest of the hair is braided down.

4. Naturally curly/textured extensions are sewn onto the braided base for length and fullness.

5. The leave-out twists are released, finger-combed and blended with the extension hair.

The Most Popular Haircuts for 2019 Photo Gallery

1. Hair is shampooed and conditioned.

2. Semipermanent color is used to refresh the hue.

3. Hair is shampooed one additional time, then conditioned.

4. Foaming pomade and setting lotion products are applied.

5. Hair is set using two-strand-twist method.

6. Model is placed under a hooded dryer for about an hour.

7. Twists are released and reinforced using Kera Care Hair Wax, then finger-styled to finish.

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