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Their first for ten years, and back on top form

The opener, DIYBYOB, came as a bit of a shock even from the Waco Brothers with its linethis is the first track from the last albumand your thoughts turn tohave they finally had enough of the way the country scene has developed?which, to their credit, they were one of the first to set the alarm bells ringing years ago. However, it seems to be just their sense of irony and judged on the strength of this very entertaining and lively album

I think that they will be around for a while yet – and that will be pleasing and reassuring for many.

Always categorised as a country punk band, The Waco Brothers are true to that here, with ten tracks equally split and the five rock/punk tracks levered in mid album. I liked the self explanatory Had Enough but the highlight of this middle section is a very good interpretation of Ian McLagen’s All Or Nothing. McLagen, the Small Faces drummer who died a couple of years ago, was a friend of The Waco’s and this can be seen as their lasting tribute to him.

The country material is performed at the usual full throttle. The title track and We Know It are really good and performed with their never far away tongue-in-cheek approach – and to some that is taken as cynicism or condescension. The Waco’s have never care too much about that, if you do not like what they are saying go listen to something else.

At little over 30 minutes playing time, the album is on the short side but never mind the width, feel the quality. Boys, do not leave it ten years before the next one, we need you now more than ever. Paul Collins

The Waco Brothers

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