Thor: The Dark World

With Thor returning to action in The Dark World, loaded caught up Chris Hemsworth to see what we can expect from everyones favourite

These days, they dont come much more A-list than Marvels band of superheroes. Comic-book movies are the biggest game in town -its no wonder an all-powerful force that has actors clambering over each other just to slip into a pair of brightly coloured tights. Take Chris Hemsworth. Four years ago he was just another actor trying to break the proverbial glass ceiling. But after landing the iconic role of Thor in the ever-expanding Marvel Universe, hes become a major star. Now, after Thor and superhero team-up Marvels Avengers Assemble, Hemsworth is ready to swing the hammer once more in Thor: The Dark World.

I love playing the character,” Hemsworth says. I love the fact that he is a god, but that could be very bland and one-sided. But each time we get to break him down and find his human qualities and vulnerable side.

Its interesting because he has such a tough exterior and an unbreakable feel.”

It’s the fact that Thor is a god (or a close approximation] that made the character such a risk when he was first considered for his own movie. Would the character – rooted very much in mythology – work alongside Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America?

Especially as they are, for all intents and purposes, real people, with powers born out of pseudo science. Then there’s all the poncing around in a big cape, spouting sub-medieval banter [“Shakespeare in the park, as Tony Stark calls it]. But the key to making Thor succeed was a sense of humour and having the good sense to – both literally and figuratively -bring him down to Earth.

Thor is going through human problems,” says Hemsworth. His conflicts and emotions are the same as ours. Hes battling with his responsibilities and coming to terms with who he is, his place in the world, his relationships and family. You could take all these stories and put them in a little independent film.” That’s not to say these very human problems are thrown in with a bit of fantasy, such as becoming the king of the planet Asgard -which is not quite as easy to relate to, but still rollicking good blockbuster fun.

In the first film,” says Hemsworth, Thor was a spoiled teenager, about to take the throne. Then his father realises that hes not quite mature enough – full of ego and attitude. During that film, he is humbled and we leave that f irst story with Thor about to step into the responsibility of possibly becoming King of Asgard. In this f ilm, we pick up with him really coming to an understanding of what that entails and the darker side of that responsibility. He figures out that it doesnt necessarily come with all the privileges – there are a lot of sacrifices. Its that next step in his evolution to become king.”

Not only that, but Thor has to team with his villainous brother, Loki [played by the brilliant Tom Hiddleston] to battle the evil Dark Elves. Cue more of the sibling rivalry that made the first film so much fun.

Tom brings so much to the part,” he says. People love that character. He brought such empathy to Loki that audiences were conflicted. Hes the villain but we kind of love him. Any time you can do that, it makes it so much more interesting. Some of my favourite scenes are with Tom.

And there are other reasons to get your spandex in a twist over Thor: The Dark World

Game Of Thrones regular Alan Taylor is on directing duties, the return of our man Idris Elba, and, of course, the delectable Natalie Portman. Oh, and an almighty punch-up between Thor and the baddies right here in Blighty. It’s safe to assume that Thor – and Hemsworth – will be sitting comfortably among the A-list elite for some time.

Thor: The Dark World

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