Three Way Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

A lot of today I’m going to be sharing with you how to create this really cool sort of three-dimensional triple fishtail braid, I created it while, I was playing with my hair. So I’m super excited to share with you the easy steps on how to create this beautiful hairstyle which i think is absolutely perfect for the summer ones when it is hot and humid and you just want your hair kind of out of the way on the side. So if you want to see how to recreate this hairstyle then keep on reading the first thing I’m going to do is quickly brush through my hair to make sure there are no tangles and as you guys can see I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions.

I’ve clipped in my um Revlon Lux’s and yeah whenever, I wear my hair in a braid, I wear my locs it is because it just makes a dramatic difference, I just never wear my hair in the side braid if I’m not wearings alright. So I’m going to quickly brush through the hair and make sure there’s nothing in there because, I washed my lock sees and, I didn’t even straighten them or anything, I just sort of clip them in because, I know I’m gonna be braiding the hair and now I’m gonna start braiding. So everything is on my left side and, I have really long overgrown bangs but I’m going to try not to braid in the braid.

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So maybe I will just separate this section and then the rest of the hair will be split into two equal sections and, I will be starting with their regular two strand fishtail braid and I’m going to be braiding it like a regular braid okay I will show you in a moment, I take a section with my index finger section section of hair from the right bring it over add it to the left then take my index finger from the left bring the section over and add it to the right. So just basically doing a regular fishtail braid if you do not know how to do a fishtail braid I’m gonna link down below. So you take a look at that but basically it is very easy steps you basically take a section bring it over add it to the left take a section from the left bring it over add it to the right and I’m going to continue doing that just a little bit just a few more sections now at this point where, I have enough chunk of the hair to see that.

I’ve done a regular fishtail braid what I’m going to do is split the hair. So you see, I brought this over to the left and this was my last section I’m going to just grab my index finger and start a completely new section like that and then what I’m going to do is take my index finger and now start reverse fishtail braiding and basically reverse fishtail braiding is the same exact method but instead of bringing the sections forward and adding it to the left or right you are doing it backwards. So I’m going to show you what, I mean by that.

So I’m taking my index finger bring in that section back adding it to the left then taking my index finger section go away then taking my index finger in the left side bring it over and adding it to the right and then continue to do that over and over again. So love section back add it to the right section right section take a section from the foreword bring it back and add it to the left. So as you can see it is a nice transition from a regular fishtail braid to a reverse fishtail braid.

So careful tune and some on Skyzoo do all right. So now you can see, I have my first section my second section and now I’m gonna do the exact same thing and switch back to the regular fishtail braid. So now I’m gonna do it differently whereas before, I went sort of to the left side and split the hair there I’m going to go more towards the right side create a new section and start a regular fishtail braid over again.

So just gonna continue now with a regular fishtail braid. So now, I got to the bottom of the braid before I’m going to secure the braid I’m gonna go back into the braid and really plan it out and mess it up and create over more natural and effortless look. So I will probably start with the bottom or sort of mid bottom and just carefully going to the hair if you have layers be really really careful because you do not want to mess it up too much but if you do not have layer or if you wearing extensions then it can be a bit more confident as you are pulling out the sections okay.

So I’m going to go into the second part here and do the exact same thing you can see as I’m pulling it up how different the braid looks when, I was reversed fishtail braiding it and what, I was doing the regular fishtail braid it looks completely different and then I’m going to go into the first section and do the same thing there. So basically doing it in all three of my sections carefully grabbing on and slowly pulling it out at this point I’m just going to secure the braid at the bottom, I have a little clear elastic. So I’m just going to use that to secure the bottom of the braid and then what I’m gonna do is just go back into it if there’s anything else, I need to do or fix I’m gonna do that now, I always have a hard time stopping here because, I just want to like mess it out more and more but at some point if, I mess it out too much it is gonna fall apart.

So, I have to almost literally stop myself and be like okay this is good we are good now that’s what the finish brake will look like as you can see you have a really cool sort of three-dimensional braid going on nobody will be able to tell what exactly is happening there but but everyone will be curious to know how you created it. So you can teach them or just show them my hair tutorial thank you guys. So much for tuning in, I love you guys very much if you have enjoyed this hair tutorial give this post a big thumbs up also when you recreate this really cool three-dimensional fishtail braid make sure to post them in your instagram with hashtag locks your hair will always like to feature our favourites on our Instagram account thank you guys again I will see you next week you always do as you already do.

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