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Hi how are you doing recently, I realized that, I pretty much never ever wear right here in tight curls. So, I was like okay it is time to embrace something new and try something new and tried tight curls when, I was a young girl, I actually loved wearing my hair and tight curls but as, I got older, I went into more bigger and softer waves and then, I went through all my tutorials and, I realized we do not have a tutorial on tight curls. So today’s tutorial I’m gonna show you how to create tight curls that are very soft and very beautiful and very feminine.

So let’s begin all right. So I’m gonna quickly walk you through everything we are gonna need today and that’s really not a lot of things the most important thing of course is you need a barrel that’s only half an inch anything bigger will give you more waves this will give you really tight curls you know like Taylor Swift wears or Beyonce it is kind of their signature look another thing I’m gonna use is I’m gonna use a hair pomade and this will sort of fix the whole look cuz I’m not gonna be adding hair spray, I wanted to actually loosen up a little bit after, I curl it. So hair pomade will work greatly and then we are just gonna use a hair brush as well and I’m also wearing my lucky hair extensions just to add the length and the thickness all right.

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So let’s begin. So the first thing I’m gonna do is brush my hair just to make sure there are no tangles and then I’m gonna just take a really small section and we are gonna have to work with quite small sections. So this might take a long time but, I think it is definitely definitely worth it.

So I’m gonna clip the rest away take my curler and start wrapping the section around the curler and I’m gonna be curling it away from the face then I will just hold the hair on the curler for about 10 seconds 7 to 10 the most and that’s slowly release it into my palms I will show you what, I have. So it is a very beautiful tight curl and then I’m going to go ahead and do the exact same thing on all the side. So as I’m curling my hair, I alternate between really small sections which gives me a tighter curl and a little bit larger section.

So that it looks more natural and not every curl is exactly the same. So for example this next section I’m gonna go really small very small section and as you can see once, I curl it it is gonna give me a super tight curl and then when, I go to the next one I’m gonna go a little bit bigger. So the next section will be almost double the size it is still small section but not as small as the one before.

So that way every single curl is different and just creates a much cooler effect on the hair see this one is a bit larger but still you know a tight curl let’s keep on going all right. So I’m done with my left side and when doing my bangs, I usually do not really curl them what I will do, I mean I will do this longer section of my bangs and then for the rest of my bangs I will just pick them up and I will just literally curl the bottom of the bangs. So I will just hold it loosely and just curl literally whatever folds at the end of it is what I will curl.

So that not the whole thing is curly and then I will just open it up with my fingers it’ll just be more natural that way and then I’m gonna go ahead and do the exact same thing here sort of alternating the sections from really really small to a little larger and then clipping the rest away and I’m gonna be curling away from my face again all right. So this is what, I have once I’m done curling all the hair as you can see it is not too tight. So they are quite soft as it is but you know, I wouldn’t be me if, I do not go ahead and mess things around a little more.

So what I’m gonna do next is just take my hair wax actually this one is a hair pomade but it is the same thing and I’m just gonna get my finger in it and literally take a little bit just kind of work it in my palms. So, I had the product in my palms and then I’m gonna start opening things up now this is not really gonna open them up completely but it is just gonna make them look less imperfect. So I’m just gonna go with this pomade just open up the curls a little bit now this what what, I love about this method is that this adds more volume to the hair it just makes them more soft, I definitely prefer that.

So even if you look at it now and compare my left to the right this just looks more natural and more effortless and now I’m gonna go ahead and do the exact same thing to my right side and, I really love this hair pomade product from John masters for soul it is organic and another thing it does it is just when you add it not only does it fixate the hairstyle but it sort of adds shine to your hair which is really great if you have dry hair like mine. So I’m just gonna keep running my fingers through my hair until I’m happy with the result and just adding a little bit of more product just crunching the ends as well this product is really light. So you can fill it and you are here and, I think I’m good now that’s really it for today my beauties I’m really excited because I’m going out tonight with Alex and a friend of mine that’s visiting us in London and you know having good hair day just makes me excited and happy I’m silly like that.

So definitely give this hairstyle a try and let me know how it works for you down below let me know where you were at as well I’d love to hear where you are up to this holiday season, I guess, I can say it is holiday season cuz Thanksgiving just past and Christmas and holidays is all coming up and on that note actually, I just wanted to take one quick moment to say I’m really really thankful and grateful for every single one of you coming to my blog every week reading the posts liking the posts leaving me comments, I love reading your comments and you know it just really makes me happy and really really more it is my heart as you can see I’m getting emotional oh, I can cry right now but anyways, I really love you guys and one more thing before, I end we are having a giveaway on our Instagram I’m gonna put them all the details down below in the info box just make sure if you want to win, I said your own set of relaxing hair extensions then definitely follow all the rules on in the info box below and join the Instagram giveaway thank you. So much for tuning in I’m still emotional love you guys. So much and I will see you next week fine I’m gonna be going.

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