Timeless Lighting Pieces

Renowned for its fluid forms and attention to detail, Windfall has become the go-to brand for the discerning customer looking for a bespoke lighting solution that marries a contemporary aesthetic with the timeless appeal of crystal. Established in Munich in 2004, the company is behind an unparalleled collection of delicate yet impactful chandelier structures the world over, with evidence of its craftsmanship found in cities spanning New York to Paris, Singapore to Jeddah, Istanbul to Las Vegas and beyond.

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Be they in private residences or luxury boutiques, it would seem that there is no end to the charms of a Windfall creation. Working exclusively with the finest materials, its artisans apply traditional techniques with modern know-how to realise their clients’ vision, with each creation as unique as its setting. Since 2013, the brand has been making waves in Asia with the establishment of its Singapore showroom. This has allowed Windfall the opportunity to enchant a new market with its distinctive designs, including the new Lula collection.
Available in various textile and crystal combinations, the Lula collection is a stellar example of Windfall’s expertise. Opt for silk shades, pastel tones, and embroidered details to add a feminine grace to Lula wall scones or table lamps; or choose to clad the Lula chandelier entirely in crystal to create a dramatic impact. Those who favour continuity will be happy to know that the silk passement and shades are available in an array of 54 colours, ensuring that Lula pieces can be adapted to any decor scheme. With their elegant structures, the Lula and Mini Lula inject an intimate vibe into any setting. Whether hung individually or clustered in multiples, these customisable crystal pieces can make arresting focal points in any room. It’s no wonder why many call Windfall the last word in dazzling lighting.

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