Tips for Eyebrow Makeup

It is the important factors that make up your style of eyebrow-style which is as good as your right and beautiful clothes. You may be nervous, aggressive, positive, tired, faint or beautiful, soft, dynamic eyebrows. My dear Sevil Ercan, an expert in micropigmentation, has enlightened me with very beautiful and accurate information on this subject

With permanent makeup called micropigmentation, you can make your face look best suited to your face. This method is also called contour and pigment painting is placed under the skin with the aid of a needle.

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The bristle technique is used to copy the main brow color and the spaces and sparse parts are condensed. This ensures a smooth image of the eyebrows.

The tip of the lower eyebrows can be removed by applying the hair technique. Thus the sad appearance in the face expression leaves its place more vibrant and aesthetic.

The missing eyebrow can be configured in natural look with the hair technique. Be careful that the hair is rested on the day of application and stress free when the hair technique is applied. Do not drink coffee and alcohol the day before application. Stay away from drugs that will water the blood, like Aspirin. Do not take a solarium for several days before application.

If permanent makeup is to be applied to the lip area and it is seen on the lips, consult with the doctor and apply the treatment with herpes medicines first. Then make permanent makeup.

Although the pigmentation is known as permanent makeup, it is not eternal, remember! The age of use is determined by age, touch activity, pigment used and how deep pigmentation is done, sun, exfoliation. Pigments are permanent, but they always fade after a period of time and require a touch.

Exposure to both sunlight and regular light, or solarium sessions, skin dryness, some drugs and cigarettes, are factors that adversely affect durability.

Alpha-hydroxy and glycolic acid are substances that must be kept away from permanent make-up applied areas. Otherwise, extra care may be required for certain periods of time as the effect may be diminished.

Some measures, such as using sun-protected creams for eyelids, wearing sunglasses for eye-liner applied eyes, and protecting the lips, may increase the permanence of pigmentation.

In the 1920s, the eyebrows were as thin as the line. Thick in the 1960s, graceful, curved in the 1980s, fashionable in the 1990s and perfectly styled eyebrows.

Natural lush-thick eyebrows are very fashionable in 2010’s years. Just like it was in the 1960s

Tips for Eyebrow Makeup

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