Tips for Having a Great Hair Day Every Day

EVER LOOK AT A MODEL’S “I JUST WOKE UP LIKE THIS” selfie and think, “Yeah, right”? You’re not alone. Thanks to restless sleep, disobedient hair and muggy summer nights, most of us don’t wake up camera-ready. According Kala Kilshaw, founder of Ego Professional hair care tools, though, we can. Apparently all it takes is a cut that suits you and your lifestyle, a colour that enhances your skin tone and two or three styles that make you look and feel great, whatever the occasion. Keen to master all three (and enjoy endless good hair days)?

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Read on to find out how. Find your cut If you’re not happy with your current hairstyle or want to try something new, draw inspiration from other women, says stylist Errol Douglas. Take note of other people’s looks when you’re walking down the street or at the gym, make a Pinterest board and identify the elements that make up your ideal look. Try to pinpoint what it is you like about someone else’s hair. Is it the shape? The movement? Or the way its colour brings out the intensity of their eyes? “Once you feel a pattern beginning to emerge, show your stylist a collage of the different images you like. It can just be a sense of what you’d like to work towards,” says Douglas.

A new look should reflect who you are or, according to international stylist Akin Konizi, who you want to be. “Hairdressers are creating characters,” he says. “I ask my clients to close their eyes and imagine who they want to be. That doesn’t mean they’re going to walk out of the salon as, say, Kate Moss, but the right cut will fulfil their vision of being part of the tribe they aspire to.” Finding the right style is rarely a matter of luck – it’s a collaboration between you and your hairdresser. “A consultation should take about 30 to 40 minutes,” says Douglas. In order to find the right cut and style for you, a good stylist will want to know as much as possible about your hair.

“What do you do with it in the mornings? Does it go frizzy? Does it go oily? Do you wear hats? Do you twiddle with your hair a lot? All of these things are going to affect the stylist’s decision about which style will work for you,” he explains. On top of that, your hairdresser needs to know about you as a person. “Tell the stylist what kind of clothes you wear, what kind of places you go to, what kind of interests you have,” adds Konizi. “You may even want to talk about whether you’re in a relationship or whether you’re single.”

Not every stylist will focus on matching a cut to your face shape – Konizi, for example, is more interested in drawing attention to your good points, such as your eyes – but, in general, there are three main parameters to consider. “If you have a long face, a style that’s softer on the sides will work better, or you could go with a fringe,” says Douglas. “Avoid a bob or anything that ends at your jawline if you have a round face, or you could end up looking like a bubble. And people with square faces need a style that doesn’t elongate the face. Keep the sides quite straight and create a look of movement on the top.” Colour code Colour isn’t just a way to cover greys. It can give you a confidence boost, too. “Colour can change your life,” says Douglas. “It can alter your whole persona. You can make people walk with a spring in their step, just by changing their hair colour.”

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