Tips for proper foundation tone

Tips for proper foundation tone

If your skin is dark you do not have to use the old traditional methods. Today cosmetics firms are also producing new tones for brunette skin. The only difference between the cosmetic products of black and light skin is that it originates from an ingredient in its ingredients, titanium dioxide, which helps to close the skin tightly.

Although this material is often used in foundations and powders produced for the white race, it causes a pale and ash-like appearance in black bindings.

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Zinc dioxide also has a similar effect, and mica causes an overly bright reflection which emphasizes the brightness in the black skin. Therefore, you should choose foundations that do not have these ingredients in their content and that have oil-free formulas.

To choose the most appropriate tone, try the foundation on the lower jaw of your sidewall, above the full jaw bone. Choose the nearest three tones to your own skin coloring. Apply one at a time, allow enough time for your skin to interact with the acid level, and then check the color daylight. It will be the right tone that looks like “lost.”

A foundation that looks right in the middle of the winter may be pale and unfriendly in the summer months, possibly with a lighter texture and a more elegant color.

Tips for proper foundation tone

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