Tips for Before Guests Arrive

Christmas should be a relaxing and joyful occasion, but with all the comings and goings of your nearest and dearest, the energy in your home can become unbalanced and lead to stressful moments. Dont worry “ here are some top tips for creating a calm, serene sanctuary and for protecting your own energy while youre at it. BEFORE YOUR GUESTS arrive SET YOUR INTENTIONS Before getting started, its important to decide exactly how you want your home to feel, suggests feng shui expert, Denise Linn. Do you want to create a passionate, exciting energetic environment, or would you like to make your space feel peaceful and relaxing? Setting the intention in your mind, before you get started on prepping your house, can help you achieve your desired goal.

PREPARE YOUR HOME Next, you should look to release any potential energy blockages in your house. For example, cleaning windows, windowsills and mantlepieces of clutter is not only a great way to let more light in, but it can also help to clear any trapped energy. Whats more, Denise suggests asking the universe to fill the hearts of each person who enters your home, when going about your household chores, to ensure that your guests are filled with love and energy when they come to visit.

DENISE LINN is a world-renowned feng shui and space clearing expert. For more information, check out Sacred Space: Enhancing the Energy of Your Home and Office (£9.99, Rider Books) and OUR EXPERTS AMY SCHER is an energy therapist and mind-body healing expert. Amys new book, How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can (£12.99, Llewellyn) is out February 2016. Find out more at AFTER YOUR GUESTS have left ENERGY MOVING Dont worry if your gathering didnt quite go to plan, or if youre left feeling a little depleted “ this can be rectified in an instant. Its important not to be fearful of any negative energy that could be in your house, reassures energy expert, Amy Scher.

Energy doesnt create a problem, as long as its able to move about. One of my favourite techniques is to walk around the house weaving large figures of eight with my hands “ this specific pattern helps to clear and harmonise energy. Whats more, you can do this around your own body as well. Using incense, sage, a candle, or fresh air can also bring balance to the house. Open windows, let the smoke from incense waft through the home, or even just light a candle. These are all energy-moving items. CRYSTAL CARE After the partys over, Denise recommends cleansing any crystals that you may have worn or dotted around your home. This can be done by running cold water over the crystal for at least 22 seconds, or leaving them outside, under the moon, overnight. Be sure to also hoover up any salt that you may have sprinkled into your carpet, too.

Tips for Before Guests Arrive

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