Long straight hair layers cut

BROWN SUGAR Give your hair a makeover with Dark and Lovely Color Intensity in Chocolate Brown (R29.95). The dye has added moisture to nourish your hair after colouring. Whether you go for highlights, a rich full-coloured head or an ombre finish, the brown colour will give your hair a stylish copper reflection finish. Available at Clicks. OLD SCHOOL Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment (R15.99) has stood the test of time and is trusted to cure rashes and irritated skin. Some call it the miracle worker as it also helps soothe dry and chapped skin, burns, scalp irritation and eczema. Available at leading retailers. PLAY TIME Stay fresh with Playgirl deodrant special edition Desire (R19.99). The deo, which has a sweet and musky scent, not only leaves you feeling refreshed but smelling great too. Available at leading retailers.

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Long straight hair layers cut

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