Top Hair Trends 2019 – Best New Hairstyles and Hair Ideas for 2019

Eden Body Works Coconut-Shea Leave-in Conditioner

Whether you are wearing extensions or the fiercest lace-front on the planet, taking care of your natural hair is an absolute must!

We always want to keep our natural crowning glory healthy and beautiful. One product designed to help you do just that is Eden Body Works Coconut-Shea Leave-In Conditioner. This daily conditioning treatment features one of nature’s best moisturizers, coconut oil, to penetrate and revitalize tresses. Blended with shea butter to seal in moisture, this sulfate-free formula is safe for color-treated, chemically treated, curly or straight hair.

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I am so busy. I get tired of reaching for a million different products to keep my natural hair together. Any suggestions?

Invest in a hair system that consists of a collection of products to cover your hair-care needs. While typical product ranges focus on a single key ingredient, the African Pride Moisture Miracle collection is uniquely crafted with a base signature blend of seven premium natural African ingredients sourced directly from the continent—African aloe plant, honey from African honeybees, Moroccan red clay, Egyptian flaxseed oil, baobab oil, Ghanian chocolate and African shea butter— an industry first.

I am going natural, but I want a looser natural curl. I go to the salon to get my hair done. Can you suggest a product I can tell my stylist about?

One of the premier salon product brands, Avion, has a wonderful line called the Texture Release System; it is heat-activated, with amino acids and conditioning agents that go deep into the hair fibers to enable styling versatility. This allows the client to have optional textural change with increased combing manageability. This system was formulated for excessively curly hair that needs moisture and conditioners, with special attention to the scalp. Ask your stylist about it.

I rely on using oil to seal in moisture when I put my hair up at night.

I like to change up my oils, but I want to make sure my hair is not compromised. What do you think I should use?

The Fantasia brand has an amazing collection of oils you can try. The Coconut Oil moisturizes, conditions and shines; the 100 percent natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil works as a treatment for dry hair and prevents breakage; and the Shea Butter Oil hydrates, repairs and adds shine.

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