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So what was it like meeting Macca?Pretty scary, meeting your hero. Top makeup wholesalers He sat me down and said he was there to support me. We went through a couple of my songs, and he made a few suggestions and suggested a revision to the middle eight on one and a fewtricks. It was a thrill to have him say;you are doing great, keep going. It was really cool.

After the three-year degree course in Liverpool, Jon moved to London to focus purely on music as a career, after a demo tape landed him management.

So how does he describe his style of music?Soulful, sort of…hopefully there is an honesty there. I just do my own thing. What inspires me. It may not be the latest hip thing, but it all springs from the traditions musically, and what really moves me musically.

‘It seems that in this day and age, everybody has to be in a tiny little niche. There are lots of different things I love. I love the finger picky folky stuff. I like the soul element, the blues and the country elements. I always think; why can’t you have them all? People like you to be in a box these days, do you know what I mean?

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