Tour the Emerald Isle for an Unforgettable Experience

Year after year, Ireland’s wonder-inspiring scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage draw millions of tourists to its shores. The mossy-green mountains soar to majestic heights and then suddenly plunge into the sea. Quaint little country homes, farms, and ranches dot the landscape. Dublin, as well as other municipalities, are packed full of historical landmarks and cultural icons.

While one could write a whole book on the tourist spots of Ireland, we shall here list only what are arguably the top 10 tourist attractions in Ireland.

1. The Blarney Stone in the town of Blarney of County Cork is but a piece of limestone built into a structure known as Blarney Castle. Yet, its worldwide fame as a stone that brings on talkativeness is well known. The castle itself and its surrounding gardens are popular tourist stops as well.

2. The Dublin Zoo, built back in 1831, is the largest in all Ireland. Its creative exhibits, like the gorilla rain forest, the family farm, and the house of reptiles, bring in many visitors every year.

3. Dublin Castle on Dame Street is a large building complex that was once the seat of British rule in Ireland. Since 1922, however, it has been a major Irish government building. This “castle” has been occupied since 1204 and has long played a significant role in Ireland’s history.

4. The Burren, in County Clare, is a unique natural landscape that consists of “karst” topography. Karst is a kind of landscape formed from layers of surface rock, which have partially dissolved, leaving a carpet of “stepping stones” with natural fissures between them. Numerous sinkholes and caves lurk below the surface of Burren National Park, while the sea shines and rolls in the background.

5. In the Burren region there also can be found the Cliffs of Mother. These amazing cliffs suddenly rise between 400 and 700 feet high at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Mountains and islands can be seen in the distance amidst the roaring waves of the sea, and O’Brien’s Tower lies just to the north.

6. The Ring of Kerry is a much-traveled, 180 km (108 mi) route that winds its way through the green mountains and scenery of County Kerry. There are popular stops along the route, including: Muckross House, Ross Castle, Gap of Dunloe, Bog Village, Torc Waterfall, the Blue Pool, and more

7. At the St. JamesGate Brewery in Dublin one can visit the Guinness Storehouse. This is not about the famed record book, but the famed brewery man Arthur Guinness and his much-loved brew. After exploring seven floors, you will be well informed of how this classic Irish drink is made.

8. Kilmainham Gaol is an old prison that has now been converted into a museum. It was the site where revolutionaries of the 1916 Easter Rising were punished but is now a major tourist stop for those interested in Ireland’s history.

9. Powerscourt Estate and its gorgeous, sprawling gardens is much-visited. The estate follows the Palladian style of architecture.

10. St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin is a majestic edifice in the Gothic and Early English architectural styles. It has existed since 1191, and many famous people are buried there.

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Tour the Emerald Isle for an Unforgettable Experience Photo Gallery

Tour the Emerald Isle for an Unforgettable Experience

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