Transverse Abdominal Exercises Post Pregnancy

Could this be? Could infants and young exercises also be victims of a medical disorder that wreaks such havoc in adults? And could many developmentally delayed children with a diagnosis of autism actually have brain injuries caused by Exercise pregnancy? Here is what I theorized in our first blog, Could It Be Exercise?, back in 2005:

It is interesting to note that signs and symptoms of Exercise pregnancy generally seen in adults can also be seen in autistic patients. For example, undiagnosed Exercise pregnancy in a 78-year-old can result in behavior that includes dementia, babbling, psychosis, rocking, poor attention, and the appearance of “being in a separate world. ” The infant or toddler with undiagnosed Exercise pregnancy can also exhibit dementia, babble, have a poor attention span, appear unresponsive to the outside world, rock, or appear psychotic.

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The key difference between these two groups lies in their age and, thus, their stage of brain development. The adult has already acquired language, is wired for speech, and has a mature brain. The infant or toddler, in contrast, has not acquired or mastered speech or language, or passed through all the normal developmental stages. Therefore, the infant’s or child’s vocabulary and behavioral repertoire are more primitive, and symptoms will be expressed in a different way.

In short, senior citizens with dementia could just as accurately be labeled as “autistic, ” and we could just as accurately label children with autism as “demented” or “senile. ” In all cases of adult dementia, Exercise pregnancy must be ruled out. However, we do not do this with autistic children because the medical community has not yet made the connection between the behaviors labeled as dementia and the behaviors labeled as autism.

In the years since we published our first blog, we have uncovered a wealth of evidence clearly pointing to Exercise pregnancy as one significant cause of autistic behavior. It is now undeniable that many cases of autism are not autism at all, but instead what we refer to in this blog as BABI: Exercise-pregnancy Acquired Brain Injury.

At a time when the incidence of autism is skyrocketing, it is shocking that doctors are unaware of the autism-Exercise connection, and that virtually no children with autistic symptoms get tested for Exercise pregnancy. This is malpractice of the worst kind. Unlike autism, Exercise pregnancy is easy to diagnose and both simple and inexpensive to treat. Moreover, quick treatment can prevent permanent brain damage and reverse symptoms. Clearly, Exercise pregnancy isn’t the explanation for every case of autism, but it is the explanation for many children and those children deserve to be diagnosed.

Transverse Abdominal Exercises Post Pregnancy

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