A Treatment to Help Detox and Repair Her Skin


Medicosmetics Urban Repair Facial, £110 for 50 minutes WHERE? Liberty London, Regent St, London, W1B 5AH; libertylondon.co.uk I lie on the treatment bed, after filling in a questionnaire about my health and skincare habits, and my therapist Rowan examines my skin and explains that the treatment targets the effects of daily pollutants on the skin and helps it repair its cellular structure.

The process involves deep-cleaning the pores, helping the detox process, speeding up regeneration of new skin cells and kick-starting the skin’s metabolism. ‘Rowan starts by double cleansing my skin, which tends to be oily in the T-zone, dry elsewhere and a little dulled by my busy city life. She massages in the gentle, milky Deep Cleansing product, before exfoliating my skin using a Dermabrasive Gel that suits my skin type A thick layer of EpiGen Daily Detox Serum is then applied, and I feel a warmth as it goes about the cellular cleaning process ‘Next up, a thick algae mask is applied on top of the serum, over my whole face including my eyes and mouth, to further moisturise my skin and rebalance it after the other stages. It’s heavy and cool at first, solidifying before being removed a few minutes later and taking with it any remaining dead skin cells. Lastly, oxygen (pictured), is sprayed to help regenerate my skin. My face feels plumped and deeply moisturised and really glows.

A Treatment to Help Detox and Repair Her Skin

To alkalise my body. In between meals, we were encouraged to walk around the park, with its maze and tame deer. A couple of mornings, I did water- gymnastics and fitness classes. Then there are also daily treatments, after which you rest with a liver wrap to aid detoxifcation. So what with mastication, detoxing, resting and warming your liver, you’re pretty busy. After dinner there were health talks and I went to bed around 9pm, armed with literature about the benefits of a plant-based diet.


My treatment programme included diaphragmatic breathing, massage, Kniepping (hot and cold baths), detoxing foot baths, lymph drainage, abdominal massage and detox mineral baths. My favourite treatment was the Moor peat mud bath. No blushes were spared as I stepped into the metal bath, as nature intended. The mud was warm, black and viscous. After 12 minutes, I was hosed down, then wrapped in a crisp, linen sheet and blanket before resting for 20 minutes to sweat out the toxins. The mud, prepared daily at Gräflicher Park, is said to have healing benefits for muscular, skin, bone, vascular and gynaecological disorders. It’s eco friendly, too. Once used, the mud is stored for five years in the bog ponds of the Park, then it’s mixed with fresh healing peat, to use again.


By the end of my week on the Mayr cure, I felt really well rested. All guests leave with science-backed advice and tips from Dr Hietkamp. ‘Health is a gift that we have to make ourselves through nutrition,’ he said. I’m now going to try eating a wholefood, plant-based diet – it’s good for the body and better for the environment. Cost a seven-night, full-board stay at Gräflicher Park Grand Resort costs from £2,203 including consultations beginning and end, an individual treatment plan and nutritional advice, all drinks, daily sports session and more; graeflicher-park.de.

A Treatment to Help Detox and Repair Her Skin

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