Tree of Life Strength

Tree of life strength When youre feeling emotionally delicate and seeking rejuvenation, Odin and his eagle can help. The eagle is sacred to this god and is said to sit on top of Yggdrasil (the eternal tree of life); it represents the ability to tap into your higher self.

Sit with your back against a tall tree (or visualise the scenario). Close your eyes and feel the strength of the tree and Odins eagles powerful presence seeping into you. Imagine a white root-like thread passing out of the top of your head and travelling up the trunk until it reaches the top. Imagine what you would see from this vantage point; the land stretching out in every direction or a blanket of blue sky.

Enjoy this sensation of freedom and consider all the wonderful possibilities out there in front of you. When youre ready, bring your energy back into your body by visualising the thread slowly returning to your heart centre. Spiritual SOS Take this further and imagine sending the white root beyond the clouds and out into space. Feel the vastness of the cosmos and how much untapped potential you have.

Tree of Life Strength

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