Trendy haircuts spring 2017

Author’s Note: In order to achieve a non-braided interlock style, curly non-braided synthetic strands can be substituted to achieve a wet set look. For non-braided interlock styles, apply same technique. Just use smaller portions of synthetic hair and double knot synthetic strands instead of single knotting strands as described in step 5.

Interlocks Photo Demo Technique 1:

Lighter color interlocking hair has been used to show the process.

Interlock Kaneklon synthetic hair.

Step 1: Cornrow Client’s Hair, notice how interlocks are tied into cornrows.

Step 2: Pull strands from bulk.

Step 3: Insert Latch Hook needle into cornrow. Make sure Latch Hook needle is open while inserting.

Step 4: Pull Hair through to the center. Position hair to desired length.

Step 5: Look for placement and tie interlock into a knot twice.

Step 6: Tie one more knot for security and let fall over cornrow.

Trendy haircuts spring 2017 Photo Gallery

Trendy haircuts spring 2017

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