Triangle pose

Benefits: Improves balance and flexibility; works quads, glutes and core Stand withyourfeetwideapart, toes facing forward. Keeping feet planted, bend your right knee to 90 degrees. Turn your right thighand foot outward and your leftthigh inward. Raiseyour leftarm overyour head. Stay here, or bring your right hand to the insideofyour right ankle, palm facing out. Stay here, or turn your head to look at your left hand. Pigeon pose Benefits: Improves flexibility; worksglutes and core Get onto all fours, with your hands directly under yourshoulders. Bring your right knee forward to your right wrist; move your right foot across, so that it is in frontofyour left knee.

Sit up tall and inhale, while you extend your left leg behind you. On the exhale, slowly walk your hands forward until you are in a forward bend and feel a stretch in your right hip. Use your hands to slowly return to start. RAYMOND WEIL KATHERYN WINNICK Deeply involved in the Arts since its early days, RAYMOND WEIL is thrilled to count acclaimed TV series Vikingsleading star Katheryn Winnick as its new Brand ambassador. Her strong personality, natural beauty and undisputable charisma make her the perfect match for the independent Swiss watchmaker.

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Triangle pose

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