Tricks of Using Foundation

Tricks of Using Foundation

When applied to the eyelids, it creates a wonderful surface for the headlight and helps to be permanent. It brightens and polishes your worn-out skin from salty tears, wiping away the traces of years from your face.

If your lip area looks too dark, you can brighten the area by applying a lip brush with a thin brush.
To fight against fried eyes: Apply a very thin line around the eyes to the cone, and then push the deep eyelashes around the eyes towards the back of the eye. This will help to open your eyes and reduce redness.

Color selection

Make-up artists suggest that the closers be tried in the arm. If you are going to use blue tones and dark shades to cover up, then you should choose the lower tones of the yellow and a few tones of light on your skin. If you use it to hide the acne or to equalize your skin tone then the lower tones of the yellow will be ideal. Pink tones only highlight redness.

When a foundation is applied, it should appear to have completely disappeared in your skin. The difference between your skin and foundation must not be visibly distinguished. Before purchasing the product, apply some foundation to your jaw and take a mirror in your hand and check your face in daylight. If you have difficulty seeing the foundation, then you have chosen the correct color. But if you can see, try again. Do not try the foundation on your wrist, the most suitable areas for a natural match are jaw and neck.

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The make-up artists universally agree on the idea, the color most suited to the skin is the yellow tones, and today the best foundations are those in those tones. Do not go for the darker colors, thinking that it will show you burned and healthy from the sun. Using a moisturizer in a pure and light color is another, driving many of the heavily textured foundations The difference with skin color in these foundations will be much more visible. A dark tone will not stop artificially, making it almost impossible to mix on the edges.

Be sure to try your make-up in daylight, in front of a window. Sometimes light is used in cosmetic looms to make your skin look yellower than it is in natural light. To get a foundation in a store, go around and look for the appropriate lighting conditions you can look at.

The color obtained after the foundation is made consists of your own skin color, foundation tone, formula content, amount used and combination of application methods. For this reason, always use the same tone after you have found the color that suits you. Do not throw away your finished bottles for this and take it with you when you go to get a new foundation. This method will make your choice easier.

Tricks of Using Foundation

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