Triple Twisted Pony Tail Hairstyle

Hi my love’s its Leigh Leigh here today and I will be doing a twisted ponytail for you it is a variation of a twisted ponytail there’s many different kinds and this one is super quick it is very easy only requires a few basic styling tools.

So we are going to need some bobby pins that match your hair color we are going to need an elastic band also matches your hair color just a regular brush to come through the hair and some clips to hold the hair. So it is very simple only takes a few minutes. So let’s get started.

So the first step like always is to just thoroughly brush through the hair to make sure there is no tangles and you can also do this style on either wavy hair or straight it is up to you I’m just going to do it on blow-dried hair today and the first thing you want to do is separate the front sections and leave the back we are going to be putting that into a ponytail. So what, I usually do is just separate the hair with just my finger you can use a rat tail comb as well. So I’m going to grab the section and we wouldn’t just put it into a clip.

Triple Twisted Pony Tail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So it is not in the way and we are going to do the same thing for this side as well and just put it off into a clip. So what you want to do is grab the remaining hair in the back and we are going to put this into a low ponytail. So now what I’m going to do with this side is separate this section into three sections.

So just use your finger and separate it like. So and what you want to do with the first section is start to twist it and bring it to the back. So very simply start twisting it once you have the side twisted we are going to grab the bobby pin and attach it to the end of the section and this is going to help us to attach this to the hair at the end I will show you in a minute.

So what we are doing here is bringing this over the base of your ponytail and I’m going to start wrapping this around like. So and then when you get to the end just sort of slide the bobby pin down and we are going to attach this into the hair sort of hide that underneath and now what we are going to do for the other side is basically repeat the step and divide the hair into three sections start twisting this side and cross it over the first side and just wrap it around and attach to the head now we are going to repeat the process and again divide this section into two and we are going to just do exactly the same thing just serve twisting the hair towards up the back and now again we are going to just mirror the same process and start twisting the hair towards the back then wrap it around the base of the ponytail crossing over this side and attach to the hair from the underneath of the ponytail and now for the final front piece we are basically going to repeat the process one more time start twisting it and sort of go above this one here and now for the last piece again same thing we are gonna twist it to the back wrap it around the base of the ponytail and secure from underneath all right you guys. So once you are done twisting the hair wrapping it around the base of the ponytail and attaching the look is complete, I think it is a really cute look it is perfect for every day it is a bit messy if you have any loose strands you can always use a bit of hairspray and just you know clean up the look.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial definitely give it a try if you will be trying it make sure to share with us on instagram with hashtag luxy hair all the links will be in the bottom bar and also if you have been wondering where. I have been and what. I have been up to, I have two new blogs there’s lots of changes in my life and I’m sharing all of my experiences in posts I will leave all the information down below if you’d like to check them out.

So thank you for reading and I will see you over there bye bye you.

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