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PRIZEFIGHTER: HIT AFTER HIT is multi talented Trisha Yearwood’s twelth album, a compilation often songs that defined her career with the addition of six new tracks weaved in between her classics. As a newcomer to country music, I have been wondered and amazed at the range of talent in such a varied genre, and for someone like me, listening to Trisha Yearwood for the first time, I couldn’t image a better introduction than this. The album opens with title track PrizeFighter a powerful packed punch of feel good confidence which in any case, would be a welcoming sound on one of’those dayswe all know too well. The additional vocals from Kelly Clarkson, really push this track to another level of enjoyment, leaving you humming the song for hours afterwards. A real throw your hands up in the air and belt out the words kind of song, regardless of who wants to hear them, they do not matter while you lose your cool and go for it.. .we all do that right…?

The structure of this album delivers such a varied tone of hard-hitting air punches, intertwined with heartfelt melodic songs that hit home in a different way. One of the standout tracks for me on this album is the sassy, Your Husband’s Cheatin’On Us. Her voice has an incredible strength to it, with the ability to melt hearts and really belt out a tune, but this song really gives her an edgy sound, I can’t help but imagine her in her aura of badass, as she reveals cunning plans to catch a man and bring down a cheating husband with his wife. The music throughout the track is steady and low, the bass line deep and booming, accentuating the tone of her conversation.

Yearwood’s voice is a powerhouse. Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love is an example of the vocal talents this incredible woman possesses, taking the song and delivering it with such power that it leaves the hairs on your neck raised and your body moving.Throughout the album, there is blow after blow of emotion and hard work, topped with exceptional vocal delivery mixed with well thought out musical accompaniment, attitude and explosions of confidence dusted with delightful familiarfaces.

For me, its been exciting to be introduced to this incredible woman with this release, the album is exactly what it says on the tin, it is a champion, standing tall and strong forthe women of country. For fans of Yearwood, this is sure to be a winning hit, and with those who aren’t familiar, this is a perfect album to get stuck into and enjoy. Hayley Burgess

Trisha Yearwood

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