What kind of beauty blog starts with philosophy of all things, right? At a glance, it might sound a bit odd to correlate beauty and philosophy. But Slow Beauty is all about an elevated type of beauty that comes from the inside and, from there, takes up residency in all aspects of our life. Since Slow Beauty is also, in many ways, a personal program that each of us determines the specifics of ourself, it’s important that it be built upon a foundation and a framework people can understand, get behind, and incorporate into their daily life.

There was a time when philosophy was not only the cornerstone of education, but also of life in general. People had an underlying ethos that informed many facets of their life: the way they thought, what they believed in, and the decisions they made on a moment-by-moment basis.


Over time, philosophy has become a less and less integral part of our system and our life. Look at any college curriculum today and you’ll see a vast difference in how much philosophy is introduced to students, even between now and a couple of decades ago. Our society’s concept of philosophy is now doled out in little nuggets through articles shared on Faceblog and Instagram memes. Something may resonate with us, but it is fleeting, and before long, we’ve moved on to the next thing. Most of us don’t have a solid credo to hold on to.

We live in a world that moves quickly, and we’re constantly pulled in different directions. So many of us are wearing this stress; we don’t feel good because of it, and when we don’t feel good, we don’t look good, either. It’s time to slow down and get back in touch with life and ourself. The Slow Beauty philosophy provides us with a touchstone to do that through its belief that it is by making the time to go inward to discover what lights us up and bring us joy and then honoring that that we ultimately find true, lasting, timeless beauty. It gives us ideas to marinate on and take with us, and allows these seeds of self-care to continue to grow, even amid all the white noise of our life.

Beauty is multifaceted and inherently simultaneously spiritual and biological. If we care for ourself in deep and meaningful ways, then we are better able to care for others and for the world around us. If we want to slow down, enjoy life, and be well, the Slow Beauty philosophy will help us to discern, engage, and amplify what is a most true and creative process being our most beautiful, healthy self!

So, how will we know this is working for us? How will we be able to celebrate how we are changing? Or even know we are on the right path? First we need to acknowledge the “new normal”: the frantic, nonstop pace of our life today. We shouldn’t have to merely accept and adapt to this new pace of life. This isn’t about continuing at this insane pace, it’s about challenging that pace. It’s about finding our own pace and grounding ourself in it. It’s a question of pace for inner peace, and from that slower pace the seeds of enlightenment are planted. At the core of the Slow Beauty philosophy is discovering ways to slow down, because it is only then that renewal happens.

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