Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my blog. And for this week’s fashion post, I have a massive Korean fashion online haul for you. That was a mouthful. Oh, anyway, reached out to me, and thanked me for linking a lot of their products in my description boxes so they gave me a gift card to shop on their website. And instead of ordering some beauty products, I decided to look at the clothes because I noticed that they carry brands like Chuu, NANING9, NAIN or nine, I don’t know how to pronounce it. But they basically have a lot of Korean fashion brands. And I will be honest with the quality of these clothes. I did already try everything on that’s why it’s a try-on haul. And first, we have a simple black long-sleeved tee and this one is from Chuu. And I really like how flattering this is to my body, and it is very simple. But so far, the quality seems nice. I haven’t really worn it out yet except for that try-on just now.

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But yeah, I really wanted something plain like this. You guys know that I have a closet dedicated to black clothing. And it just.. I don’t know, it’s just simple and I feel like I will be wearing this a lot underneath, like, a cardigan, a sweater, because layering is key. I have two blouses from a brand called Petite H, and I actually saw Jisoo from BLACKPINK wear a dress from Petite H. And a lot of their clothes are very cutesy and pretty, very girly. But I decided to go with, like, the basic colors instead of pink and red, things like that. And first, we have this white blouse with this vintage-y design on the sleeves. The fabric is very cool and smooth. And I don’t own any design like this, so, you guys will have to see how I style this in the future. But yeah, this is just a simple white and gray blouse. And next, we have this blue blouse with some red ruffles on the ends. And I really like the buttons, it’s very girly again. This is something I will probably wear in the transition from winter to spring because it is a long-sleeved shirt. Yeah, Petite H.


Moving on to sweaters, I have this pink sparkly one right here. I’ve been wanting something like this ever since BIGBANG’s FXXK IT music post, when Taeyang was wearing a pink sparkly sweater. And I really like it. This is from Chuu. It’s not as expensive as, probably, the one Taeyang was wearing. But it is still quite pricey. For some reason, when I saw the picture online, I thought it was going to be a soft sweater. But no, it’s not. It’s very itchy. So, in the future, I’m definitely gonna wear a shirt under it. But yeah, it’s something that I don’t normally go for because one, it’s pink and it’s sparkly. But I thought it would be cool to, like, include in my color closet because.. I don’t know, I feel like it will be perfect for an event. I feel like I could dress this up or down, depending on how I style it. So, we’ll see about this sweater.

The next sweater is from a brand called NANING9. And NANING9 has, like, this very OAK+FORT vibe to it. It’s very plain. But if you dress it well, it just looks really hip and minimal, so, I really like the clothes. I actually never owned anything from there until now. And this is just a simple black turtleneck, dress, long sweater, whatever you want to call it. But I know for a fact that I could wear this in so many different ways because I could wear it during the winter as a sweater. I could wear it as a dress. And with turtlenecks, I do like to tuck in my hair, so that it looks shorter. And, I don’t know. I don’t really like the look when my hair is outside of the turtleneck. It just looks kinda funky. But yeah, I’m so happy about this sweater. And the quality is really nice, too. It’s quite heavy and stretchy. And another thing I like about it is that, it’s not very linty.

Moving on to bottoms, which I was very disappointed about, are from a brand called NAIN or nine. And I really liked the pictures on the website. But when I’m seeing the clothes in person, I’m just, like, so not impressed. And first, we have these pants right here. And when I saw the picture, it looked really unique because of the ends. However, this is, I think, about.. Hold on, let me check the tag. This is 79,000 won. Right? But, it’s, like, one of those stretchy pants. And I would never pay that much money for stretchy pants that I normally wear at home. I thought this was going to be a dress pant. And I didn’t really read into, like, what the fabric was, and I should have. But in the picture, it looked very sophisticated. But, now that it’s here, and I am feeling it and looking at it, I’m just kinda disappointed that the price is just so high for, like, a not..

Korean Fashion Try On Haul

Like, I thought these were gonna be dress pants. I don’t know, maybe it’s expensive because it’s a popular brand in Korea. I know a lot of Korean celebrities wear it. But yeah, I personally would not wear this. So, I’m probably gonna save this for, like, a family member or a friend, if they want. But yeah.. Next, we have two pleated skirts, velvet pleated skirts. This is a green one and a black one. They’re both 39,000 won each. And I was just kinda disappointed that.. this just looks really cheap. Like, this part looks cheap. The velvet feels really nice and all. But, I don’t know, I’ll probably wear these during the springtime or fall.

But, I don’t know. I checked them on, too, and it’s not very flattering. So, I’ll definitely have to figure out how I’m gonna style this. So, yeah. All the bottoms that I ordered, I’m kinda disappointed in, mainly because I just didn’t read into the website to see what it was.. Like, I didn’t really look at the details, I just saw the picture and I was like, Oh, that’s cute. I’ll just order that. But yeah, I recommend that you read the description. And I’ll make sure to link everything that I show you guys in the description box as always along with the size that I ordered because that tends to be a question that I get asked in all of my haul posts. So, yeah, I’ll put them all down below. Moving on, I have two pj’s from Chuu. And Chuu has really adorable pajama sets. A lot of Korean idols wear it. This one right here, I saw..

I think Red Velvet Irene wearing it in a, like, photo. And it’s just, like, really cutesy. It looks very comfy, so, I’ll probably wear this around the house often. And next, we have a very Christmas-y pj’s set. It has that strawberry milk logo on it, very Chuu. And you’ll probably see me wearing this in a future night routine because that’s why I ordered it. But, oh, my gosh, I forgot to mention. From YesStyle, it does say that it takes four.. seven to fourteen days to ship. It took a very long time for me to receive all the clothes. But they’re all here now. But yeah, just putting it out there, it does take some time. Anyway, cute pj’s and I’ll probably order more in the future from Chuu just ’cause I usually just wear ugly old T-shirts when I go to bed. So, yeah, I definitely want to have cuter pj’s. Like, Taeyang’s pj’s closet.

I kinda want that. And finally, we have outerwear. And first, we have this oversized black one from.. Is this Love You So Much? But I forget which brand it was. To be honest, it’s very unflattering and it looks very awkward. I probably won’t wear this, so, I’m gonna save this for family members or a friend when they come over, and they can probably just grab and take it with them. My mistake. I didn’t think that it would be this oversized. But I mean, it looked cute. But even the arms.. Like, so big. Yeah. The final two are not fails.

Here, we have a gray coat from NAIN or nine. And this is premium wool-blended. And this is 159,800 won. So less than 160 dollars. It’s pretty good for a quality coat, I would say. I wanted a gray coat because majority of my outerwear is black. And finally, we have a long sweater, cardigan from NANING9. I really need to look into their clothes because the quality is really good. It did come with this little belt, but I’m probably gonna ditch this because it just looks better without it. But I really like how soft it is. And I’m really excited to wear this one. It’s too cold right now. But definitely something I can rock in the falltime, as well as winter to spring transition. That’s it for the haul. I wanna thank YesStyle for the gift card. I’m not getting paid to post this post, by the way.

They just gave me a code to shop on their website, and I did. I didn’t have to make this post, but I wanted to because you might be curious about what it’s like to shop on a warehouse website like So, there were some fails, but that might be my fault for not reading into each of the clothes and the description that there was on the right side. So, be careful about that. Look into it. And yeah, once again, I’ll link everything in the description box. If you found this post helpful, give this post a thumbs-up. And I’ll see you guys in my next one.

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