Should I try online dating?

Should I try online dating? DILEMMA: I have been single for more than five years now. Im a little cautious of trying online dating because the whole idea makes me cringe! Do you think someone will come along or should I bite the bullet and set up a profile?

Jayne says: I think it depends on how much you really want to find someone. I can sense from your energy that you are a self-sufficient woman and I feel you have a lot of loved ones around you “ in this realm and the spirit world. Because you dont need a man, you havent really been making an effort to meet anyone and thats the only reason you havent been lucky in love so far.

But Mr Right isnt going to suddenly knock on your front door “ you need to get out there! I pulled the Two of Cups when reading for you, which is a great sign as its the card of unified love and meaningful partnerships. I feel online dating is an avenue for you to explore as there is someone waiting for you right now, although it will take a good few months before you meet him. The number eight will have some significance when you meet this man, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for signs. I hope you enjoy the exciting times ahead.

Should I try online dating?

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